Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer 7 Eleven

Summer 7-Eleven - Oh thank Heaven/
Summer 7-Eleven - Oh thank Heaven/
Summer 7-Eleven - Oh thank Heaven/

From small town, to bustling city sounds
a 7-Eleven is sure to abound
Small rounds to round mounds
Tube tops and tube socks stay silent while the door makes sound.

Men’s noisy thoughts from silent jiggles, wiggles…. Aisle 9 is where you’ll find the pickles.
In the country, men serenade ladies with the fiddle, in hopes to fiddle, then blast off like a missile.
Or Mis-Sile, Back at 7-Eleven, a Mrs. gets lost in the pie-aisle. A bit heavy, drops the pie and cries on pie’d tile.  All the while, now she’s running late to the office job - where she files.
Guy comes in, in a suit and tie, pants restored from a previous flood - nice and high.
Impatient in line, so he lets out a sigh, lady in front of him wished he would die.
Ouch, quite barbaric for a 7 Eleven Mind.  What she doesn’t know, he’s in a bind,
If he’s late one more time, he’ll have to drive Uber come home late every night,
His girlfriend - he won’t be able to lube-her.

Fitness moms with sports bras -tits twisted fun, wardrobe malfunction while in action,
Aspiring to be the next Janet Jackson. So she takes up singing classes.

With every lunge, tights scream, 9 months mums dream pickles and ice cream.
Mums come in for the kids slurpees, in tights, getting back in shape with burpees.
Guy outside trying to sell mums shirts that say” Slurp Me”  He’s asked to leave for being too flirty.
Poor guy, still selling homemade shirts at the age of thirty.  

Summer 7-Eleven - Oh thank Heaven/
Summer 7-Eleven - Oh thank Heaven/
Summer 7-Eleven - Oh thank Heaven/


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sun Dress Construction

He got too close, so she put up a wall/
Posed for the camera, a frontal no one saw/

Standing in the way of construction,
Never handled cat calls well,
So she constructs her own seduction.

Petite pear comes to mind, this has you
Thinking fruit thoughts about her behind.

Mirror mirror on the wall, she broke every last one,
Stays the course and keeps posing in front of this wall.

Went to Vegas to put on a Poker face/
Visited a biker bar and went on a choker date/

Beyond the time of shaking a rattle,
Lovely behind is in their mind,
Men drowning must be  sign,
They just want to paddle
She’s a bit kinky and throws them a paddle.

Got fit bit fit, purchased a fitbit from a fitness mall.
On display
Perfect combo - like barbeque and coleslaw.

Diamond made it to the other side,
On the other side of the wall,
Coal’s appalled. Raised in sandals - Now there she stands tall!


Friday, July 1, 2016

Chapel in the Woods

Here goes a chapel with a steeple
Where people come to babel with people

Inside goes miracles - people in awe
Sermons so long - might as well write them into law

Clergymen cleansing spirits
Like dirty gin, sipped by 40 year old men
Wishing they could do it all over again.
And wondering why they keep committing the same sin.

Church in the woods, sticks out like a flirt skirting wood.

Tiger in the brush, berthing tiger woods.
Wives clubs testing worthy woods…

Not a bird or bee near the front porch
Kids learning about the birds and bees in the rear of the church.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Blonde Affair

No make-up and blonde hair/
Thousand miles later
She wakes up to the wrong affair/
This all stemmed from a game of Truth or Dare
Her hair stylist was out of town
So Ruth Didn’t do her hair.

Blonde and tan
makes you want to take her
Where the palms stuck in sand
Havin’ fun like a mom with free hands
Makin’ fun with an investor - seed man!

Stranded in the desert
Candy mouth so sweet,
You call her a PEZ-flirt.

Open chest makes things a mess
Like open heart surgery,
couldn’t see the bigger picture.
vision’s a bit blurry.
It was too late to say sorry
They never made up after going
Off air from Maury

Her name is Tori, this story you shouldn’t worry,
She’s no longer porky, she works out, now fits in a short-tee.
Climax of humans - this picture makes men …

No, No, I’m going to change this flow to keep it from becoming sexual,

I provided this story and she provided the visual...


Monday, June 13, 2016

St. Mary's Glacier Hike | Colorado

Hiked trails/ guts over glory - entrails/

On land, fins-fail/ campfire stories, men-tell/

Cuddle time in a tent - women-sell.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Stranded in the Desert

Sandy feet without shoes
She’s gotta dim smile for the camera view
A preacher’s daughter, ran away from a closed minded pew.
Needed adventure, so adventure tempts her,

What’s that in her hand, a grenade, aimed at a man-parade.
I knew she brought all the boys to the yard, but damn,
They sure did follow her far.

Curly hair in whirly wind.
Just left a girly fare in the city of sin -
Up to shenanigans and gin was back at it again.

Walking sands with a sun bloom
Balking fans stuck in a mummed tomb

She’s a flirty cleopatra, except not all bones,
And carries a smartphone.

After she’s done with your heart
You’ll be running back to mummy,
Try to call her phone,
It’ll ring caller id - dummy!

Shorts so short, pockets out
Looks like rugrats made them shorts, in two shorts!
No commercials!


Homies Docked

When a break turns permanent...

Homies docked behind a forklift
Wishing they were more fit
But got tired so they decide to sit.
Expression on their face - they look quite pissed
No one’s speaking - no motion between the lips

In deep thought on a dock,
Asking was it worth it,
Jersey’s stolen not bought,
Who woulda thought
Their past would land them on their ass,
Used a pencil in class but not the eraser -
They never erased the mistakes from their past.

No parking, no smoke. At base-truck
They can’t remember their last break
Like you trying to remember the last time
You sent a poke to someone on Facebook.

This was not a break, their asses were fired
So they sat on an AC un-it - couldn’t keep their cool and blew-it…