Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Flaws Real

Flaws real, enough drama, flaws become reel. Sign on the dotted line, seal the deal.
Who’s real?  When the world doesn’t feel real.  
Necks slanted in screens showing digital.  
People in time, yours and mine, they fidget,
acting like they punching in someone’s digits,
when they really browsing their Facebook hit-list.


Bagged Emotions

Feelings in a bag,
hole burned because it dragged,
lungs burning because you took a drag
dressing as a queen, streamlined with no drag.

Crown scraped, town lookin’ for escape, wishin’ for a hero who’s caped.

Queen’s bad, going to Halloween as Charlie Sheen’s dad.
You know where this is go-in, no women mowin’
they left that to show 2 and ½ men.


Loose Change in a Bar

The look in your eyes,
I looked to own-it,
so I test drove-it.
Passion blinking, I knew what you were thinking.
Puckered lips, taking puckered sips,
sour drink and a whiskey hit.

Taste test, met West, love blessed,
we both like the Yankees and despise the Mets.

While I search pocket twine,  
Love looking for change
I find, in the nick of time, no nickels, but you, my dime.


Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall's in Love

Aiming, fell, upskirt - help me to my feet,
I can’t have a wardrobe malfunction,
on the hunt and love I’m-huntin’
love’s got my tongue and now I can’t speak.

Fall for someone, be someone’s season,
or someone’s reason.  Falling bad,
bigger picture - make her the mom and you the dad.

In Fall I fell for you, you untied my heart and laced my shoes.
who knew, with you, one plus one equals more than 2.

Love with you,
is like you, a magazine issue and waiting for the next “miss-you”.
I’ll be there to sit you, kiss you, on your neck I may have bit-you,
I promise to wipe your eyes even if there’s no tissue.

Hide-n-seek for over a week,
that’s a long time for hearts to speak.

You can say
I’m infatuated,
in my heart,
you saturate-it!
I’m not hiding,
love’s abiding,
tag you’re-it!

A pumpkin spice tall,
enjoyed in the fall.
You not a fan of  the ‘bucks’,
invading habitats, where animals have it tough.

Always wanted a woman who inspires,
that’s what’ll keep me on track and keep tread on my tires,
Even into my age of balding, my heart in love, still falling…


Friday, October 2, 2015

First Date Kiss

Kiss you, miss you,
I’m not a nut, so that
must mean I’m a cashew.

Kiss you, miss you,
aiming for lipstick hues,
pucker cue, got too excited and miscued.
Come back, bring back those lips belonging to you.

Kiss you, miss you,
kissing you, missing shoes with clothing few.
Clothing in a pile, no biting, just nibbled love chewed.

Kissing you blindly, eyes closed, no look we-chose.
Assist movie kissing like in the back two-rows.


Smartphone Lullaby

Silent night,
guidance might
show you a
pulsing light.
Smartphone on at night,
plug in the charger and say goodnight.

Close your eyes, position your head in a parked bed.
Say a goodbye to the day’s raced traffic tread.
Close your eyes, don’t regret the wondered whys.
Let him kiss you with closed eyes - kissing you lullabies...


Thursday, October 1, 2015


invite a funny man
and in goes Will Ferrell.

Funny bone screaming laughing tones,
Laughing in a wheelbarrow
affecting your bone marrow.

Pushed wheels
mushed meals.

Silent and squeaky,
like Call of Duty,
violent and sneaky...


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dinner's Date

Eraser top,
Pencil marks it stops,
stencil filled with pencil,
out of a bowl,
your mouth filled with lentils.

Near a plate, your phone vibrates,
it’s your date reminding you, dinner at eight.
For dinner’s sake, you jump over the gate, so you’re not late.
Date not impressed, you a hot mess, she asks you a question, you say yes.
She left, wanna know the question before the yes?
she asked,  “Are you staring at my chest?”


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Poe's Son

Done with chores, writing a lore before I sleep some more
In bed on a floor, tapping comes to my chamber door,
mental core now on the floor, facing a loud chamber door,
pencil-poor, typewriter’s typing lyrics, then a paper tore.
I implore,” stop tapping at my door, I’m rapping to my core."

Raven with no talons, Underground Poet,
I’m not Edgar Allen, but I’m bout to throw a Poe-fit!


Ever get the feeling?

Ever get the feeling,
fear’s beaten you down
and your motionless,
looking up at the ceiling?

Fear doesn’t mind
if you don’t checkout in time,
outside mind put in time,
unwind fear’s looping rhyme.

Refuse to hangout with the sandman’s band,
Au Jus courage - double dip a grand plan.
Yes, yes you can, now say, yes, yes I can.
Ah yeah! now that’s ill,  Now say, yes I will!!


Sandstone Affair

Grit came together and rocked it.
Who woulda thought it,
make floors from rock and grit - no need to mop it.

Pit here and a pit there,
wife’s peach missing hair,
girlfriend’s hair, you stare, while walking stairs behind her derriere.
pitstop in hallway chair, next day, wife finds girlfriend’s hair.
Not fair, Wife doesn’t share, no longer peachy - she posts your pitted affair

Wife gives no pity, marriage bout to get gritty,
she’s taken the house, along with the kitty.
You movin’ to another city, single life, clubs all night, becoming the new P.Diddy…


Monday, September 28, 2015

Present a Kiss

"Climaxed wit,
eyes a gift,
your lips bit,
kissed intense,
past it went.
kiss in tense,
gift a kiss,
present kiss,
kissing hence,
future tense!"