Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Camera Bed

Camera Bed
“You’re not filming us,” She said.
made him put down the camera and fled.

Canon on sheets
like a muse in heat
straps undone and no one speaks.

Left the bed,
now you’re wondering if they’re wed
A mystery now lies in your head

Sheets fold,
cold weeks,
peak bold
out cold after a release, woh.

Pillows silent
silhouettes escaped sheets
a million bets, left cold, and not in heat.

Left for a nice walk
Condoleezza Rice talks
Plays Piano - they should’ve
stayed for the pillow talk
They could’ve played
Yo-Yo Ma
in her socks, bottom and bra
instead they left in a crawl.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Hut Hut Hike

Hut hut hike,
Look at the dark in her eyes
I wonder if she’ll let me turn on the lights

Gridiron fight,
she’s tryin’ to look tough
but I don’t think she’ll hike that football right.

Like behind a wardrobe
lace stays in and out of sight.

In a stance preparing for a football dance,
she stares in a trance

On any given Sunday
she won’t be asking for your sweat pants.

She keeps herself abreast on football,
far from imitation - no RuPaul.

Hand on knee
lights out
candle me

She’s in a stance, not at rest
Ah… I see you looking but I refuse to speak about her breasts…


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tender Ginger

Tender Ginger
Tinder, swiped right twice
and matched two gingers.

Went out for cameras instead of dinner.

Camera without a flash
A man without a ‘stache
she’s in zebra stripes unwilling to flash.

He’s got a Canon below his sternum,
something doesn’t look right,
like pirates making butter - churn ‘em.

Vines at the back of their minds
but they’re not moving
so how can this be a vine?

Standing near a rocky edge,
He didn’t know how to butter her up
she was thinking toffee instead.

He’s fair, she’s fair.
He won prizes for her at the county fair.
She gave birth down in a lair.
When divorce flares, she’ll no longer be fair…


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Make Up Face

Make up face
Time flushed with her blush
couldn’t wait, so he left without a trace.
She thought it would take more for his escape.

Lips slightly part
thought he had the patience
like takin’ a stroll through a gallery full of art.

Last night she met a straight arrow
Handed her some silver,
now she’s lonely
with lips on the verge of a quiver.
Will she love again, will anyone
warm her heart to shake the shivers?

Looks as if her heart has drafts with no sealer
she was his Mon Amie thriller,
No Regis by her side, but still
lookin’ like a young Kathie Lee Gifford.

Oh that fateful date,
love filmed a mis-take.
wait, does anyone else see
a resemblance of Becky
from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?


Monday, February 1, 2016

Colored Earth

Colored Earth
And for what it’s worth - put on a tie dyed shirt
like a shirt resembling this Earth.

A photo from outer-space,
mimics a clown’s powered-face
lighting up an out of towner’s face.

An alien in a different gradient
slider hues slide on colors imbued.
In outer-space with no trace of Martian shoes.

Space rock,
make it colorful,
grab your crotch and moonwalk.

Floating around Earth
Drunk smart with Hennessy
thinkin’ Earth’s flat with no girth - that’s B.O.B.

Space station shows colors laced.
Like Cupid during Nascar
Hearts race when playing with colorful lace.

This is no longer the 90s
Women booties no longer yell find-me.

There’s more moons on Earth
Than all of the Solar system’s worth.

Cowboys in June,
Hot, clear view of a round moon.
… No wonder they frequented panty-hosed saloons
Went hand in hand, like a can of beans and a spoon.


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Camera Cyclops

Camera Cyclops

Picture taken while you tie-tops
Stop, wait, if you don’t finish the tie, breasts flop.

On the ground aiming sky high
he knows they’re round, peeping Tom has one eye!

Click-click-clack - camera’s on track.
Kiss-kiss-smack - passion is back.

Through a lens,
you’re free, but still
captured you and your friends
along with the laughter and grins.

Sippin’ wine, you the dime on his mind.
Prefers flexibility so he can turn you on a dime.

Adjusting exposure
he captures the coffee mug
and now knows you drink Folgers.

Zoomed in medicine cabinet, sees meds for bi-polar
and Vicodin for your cracked molar…

Cyclop sees you flirt and wants to cry,
you winked, you thought he blinked,
he tried to wink, but only has one eye!


Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Hero Unknown Wanders Alone

A Hero Unknown Wanders Alone...


I can do this


I have to do this


Destiny is calling… And I have to take this call...

Crown scraped, town lookin’ for escape, wishin’ for a hero who’s caped.
Midnight takes, middle of the night, people wake, fearful of their fate.
Fear’s here, fear’s there, in everyone rests a fearful cheer.
Inside their chest, need to wake only the best.

Work harder, here comes a test,
no multiple choice, answers lie within your chest.
Nowhere to lie, get up you falsified mess.
Digress on less, and you won’t be able to save what’s left.
A hero needed, kneads what’s needed.
Leaving the bakery shop, leavening to the top,
like a yeast
rise with words, the words I that speak.

A  hero unknown, wanders alone.  
no purpose, not worth-it,
don’t start, don’t birth-it
Fear surmounting, becoming a drowning…
tried to drown out the distractions,
people have no reaction.

A hero unknown wanders alone…

A hero unknown wanders alone…

A hero unknown wanders alone…

After courage wakes,
all else can be laid to rest.
Take the test,
Are you ready to wake the best?


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Girl with Tattoos

Girl with Tattoos
She touches herself,
can I touch too?

Anchor near a side-boob.
This singer is thinkin’ about her side-dude.
Forgive this wanker, I have no clue.
She used to be someone’s boo, I see his name covered by a tattoo.

Wings of an angel, she looks disappointed like Kris Kr’angle given some pr’angles.
She wanted him down on one knee and an ankle. He saw the warning signs and
thought her love, like her hair would be a messy tangle.

She can’t believe the note she read,
“Babe I woke early from this bed,
you looked tired, so I decided to lightly tread.

I also turned off the alarm,
thought about buying you a rose,
but I noticed you already had one, on your forearm....


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

At A Coffee Bar

At a coffee bar.
Go three exchange students
studying near and afar.

On display;  displaying the message,”
Want to study?  Come this way!”

Study up new material
they do this quite often, making it serial.
Coffee as breakfast, this place serves no cereal.

Beauty with hair serves a chair her jacket.
Guy with earphones keeps in the racket
studying locked - no better it latches.

Splendid delight, no Splenda packets in these lights!
Within thee sights, keep the fight.

A guy gloats over notes, while writing about medieval moats.

In front a girl reads, the back of her mind recites last night’s deeds.
Her girlfriend does what she did after the deed.
That’s why you see an empty chair - she went to go pee!


Monday, January 25, 2016

Silent Passions Heard

Kid’s passionate,
gave him a pop filter
to keep his mic immaculate.

Having a vocal-fit,
could also say, a tonal vent.

He’s making known his lyrical rage,
he’s bold, with no fear-of-his-age.

This picture captures his stature,
he’s practicing, records will shatter.

Scream!  Vocals look nice but in this picture they look mean.

Pitch Perfect like nurses with purses living healthy purpose.
Unlike Fat Amy, rehearses verses
never speaks about Popeye’s, so she chooses Church’s.

Ok back to the story,
this kid has no worry.
Let’s tell the rest of his story.

Gave him an instrument,
now he’s doing what imagination meant.

Spent potential, not counting the cost,
he’s belting one out, like Diana Ross, vocals running deep like Randy Moss.


Friday, January 22, 2016

Cereal's Hope

Cereal’s Hope
Banana’s didn’t have the grit
so they banked on the oats.

Nothin’s phasin’ them raisins
they’re on top looking quite patient.

I see hidden strawberries
the NBA no longer sees Stephon Marbury.

Oh no I see no spoon!
Mofo, we need Bono to sing us out of this cocoon.

The bowl is our basin
gettin’ ready for the day
for we know not what our souls be facin’

Is that yogurt or milk?
looks yummy
like a show-girl on stilts
she made a mess - spilt.
No matter how cute she is
don’t go cryin’ over spilt milk!


Biscuit Tears

Waking with tears,
the opposite of waking with cheer,
someone handed you  a bagel and
ran off with the schmear.

Wait who did-this?
They left you with a fucking biscuit.

Split top eat before putting on socks
STOP - you can’t call this breakfast!
Like a bad book, nothing else to read
so you reluctantly read-it. and
the butter you breaded.

Biscuit on a blanket,
last night got hot
strapped to the bed by anklets.

An odd way to warm a biscuit,
but hey, I tried to warn you from the distance.

I heard your mother sputter,
“Do you want a biscuit with your butter?

This may be yummy
but won’t get you any closer to a flatter tummy...”

Yeah I know, your mother’s speech was quite crumby.