Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Funday Contest!

Hello Tunnelers!

Small Tunnel finds while browsing the store today!  Pretty simple, post a comment on how you would utilize the items below in your life.

Better the comment story, better the chances of winning. Creativity is key.

Two winners will be selected and mailed both a collapsible water bottle and flower vase.

* In spirit of competition, Sunday Funday contests will run Sunday to Sunday.  This contest will expire on August 26th at 8pm MST.

Multiple comments do not increase chances and you must be logged into a profile to qualify. Items come brand new in packaging.

Collapsible water vase and water bottle.



  1. A predicament I frequently find myself in is choosing between hydration and comfort. The average water bottle is large, rigid, and only periodically portable. This collapsible water bottle solves each and every one of those problems associated with standard bottles. It is on the smaller size while still providing plenty of water on the go. As it's name states, ita collapsible. So even if you have a backpack or suitcase stuffed with trinkets and necessities, you have the option to roll this up and stuff it in your bag for future hydration. This also solves the portability issue. Even if there is absolutely no room for a rolled up water bottle in your bag, you can still attach it to a number of different straps and hooks on your bag with the built in carabiner. So I would use this to its fullest potential and bring it with me while I travel and also while I go hiking. Making the standard water bottle obsolete.

    1. Congratulations David, you are our sole winner. Please email me: to claim your prize!