Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Idea This | 001 Apple Pad Docks

Hello Tunnelers, 

The gears are turning and I had to share:

The Year is 2016, Apple is introducing their inductive charging docking station for iOS devices patent.  These flat pad-like inductive charging docking stations are outfitted with an Samsung A6 SoC (processor) with 2GB of ram, 16GB storage space for system only.  

Lets call these devices Project Lilly Pad, or Pad Docks when they release to retail.  In addition to having micro hdmi and micro hdmi passthrough these devices will have Bluetooth 5.0 enhanced video over Bluetooth technology or another type of wireless display technology. Included will be Wifi b/g/n/ac.

These docking stations will allow you to inductively charge your Iphone or Ipad as well as transfer video output over Bluetooth 5.0 or wireless display.  By this time Siri will be nice, mature, and soothing.  Navigation is controlled through voice commands and Siri is listening to your every command from the microphone of your Iphone or Ipad.

One more thing...  these Pad Docks turn your Iphone or Ipad into full fledge Apple TV devices when docked  :)

Possibilities are endless, This technology could be built into office furniture and home theatre furniture.  Don't believe I am ever going to sleep with all the ideas in my head...

Apple could incorporate their inductive charging technology into their Iphone 9.  Within the Iphone 9 there will be the Primary coil and Seconday coil.  The operation of the coils will be operated by iOS9.  

Imagine this going into a bar with your Iphone 9and you are meeting your friends.  Towards the end of the night one of your friends has a near dead battery.  Not a problem, you place his Iphone 9 screen down on the table.  You place the back of your phone to the back of his phone and the near field communications kicks in along with the inductive charging technology.

Intuitive prompts come up on your screen asking if you want to share your battery or if are needing to recharge.  Only one Iphone 9 needs to input, unless you have changed your inductive charging settings to confirm on both phones.  So you select to will share your battery and it asks you at what percentage to stop sharing from your battery.  You input when your battery hits 35% battery life remaining stop sharing your battery.  This is all magically working with the iOS9 software by activating  the Primary charging coil and disabling the secondary coil  in your Iphone 9 then turning off the Primary coil  and activating the secondary coil in your buddies phone.  :)

One more thing...  the Iphone 9 will not have any type of data connectors due to the wireless data connections built in and near field communications.

The Iphone 9 will have 100% Transparent Photovoltaic Thin film with 35% effeciency built into its display.  You will have an option to activate the solar thin film when your battery reaches a certain percentage.

If only Tim Cook could sit in my lap...

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