Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Meat Loafed Baked Potato!

This was dinner last night:
Wish I could have ordered this from a drive thru
"Can I get a Meat Loafed Baked Potato with a side of vegetables? "

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F:
1 forked potato
1 lbs. of ground beef 80/20
Mixed vegetables your preference
1 green onion
Hickory Barbecue sauce
oil and white vinegar
Garlic powder
Sea salt
Black pepper
Habanero pepper sauce
Sour cream

Place foil wrapped potato in the oven for about 45mins
within a spacious mixing bowl put forth the following:
1lbs ground beef roughened up a bit
3 tension squeezes from the hickory barbecue bottle
23 second squeeze and hold from mustard bottle
3.5 shakes of sea salt, black pepper, and garlic powder
8 splashes of Habanero pepper sauce
3 second pour of oil and white vinegar
Mix well and let sit for about 15mins.
Place mixture into square holding pen (can be a pan or tin foil)
Place into oven for 20mins.
Placed mixed veggies in boiling water or use steamer for about 10mins.
With all edible rations removed from the oven:
dissect the baked potato lengthwise and then with a firm hand rake the inside of potato with fork
rub the innards of the potato with a slab of butter
pour sour cream into the foundation of the potato
salt shake and black pepper to give some contrast
place a layer of the meat loaf atop of the sour cream pool
chop and sprinkle the green onion on top to create a vegetation effect
Finally lay a bed of vegetables next to potato to keep both parties socially interested.

Bon appetit!

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