Monday, October 29, 2012

Bloggin' on a whim | HDD, SSD, and Cloud Storage

No her name is not H or SS!

Hello All, 

I would like to present a new subtitle to TunnelYou...(drum roll with gorillas smashing bananas, while protecting glass from scratches ;) ) Bloggin' on a whim.  When posting under this title, just think of it as slapstick, lipstick, and high-stick that they never taught you in 3rd grade gym class!  Oh and you will be able to recognize these series of posts by the hand-drawn face with the idea crown above, compliments of my right hand!

I would like to think of this subtitle as a relief valve from the pressure of gear grease in my head and the daily grind.  Not a bad practice if I do say so myself, perhaps I will have better customer validation after I perform a few operations ;).
So lets keep all this storage computing jive nice and simple.  I eat and breathe specifications at my day job :).
I keep it simple for my end-users... but sometimes I am perplexed.  For example, today I explained to an end-user that he had a bad failing hard drive (I don't see how the inverse "good failing" could be any better). 
The end-user interpreted all of this "hard drive crashed" and he thought I told him this...  That is the perplexing part, the words "crashed" never left my mouth but I suppose that is how he interpreted it.  Perhaps I am going crazy...

Ok let's get down to business (man those bbq and avocado hot dogs were so tasty for dinner).

HDD = Spinning storage inside your computer doesn't like poundings.  Got to take your time with these, they can be cold and fragmented.

SSD = Solid super fast storage inside your computer no moving parts, nice and still.  You want this if you want quick action with fast startups and fast climaxes with high reliability but still has its weaknesses being inside your computer.

Cloud Storage = You want this if you are working on mission critical work that has real-time loving dependability and save features. Plus the "work" you are working on is not on your computer but in the "cloud" on some giant company's thousands upon thousands of servers.  Always warm and available with an internet connected computing device, quality of service is based on your (internet) connection.

So, which one do you want to marry?

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