Monday, October 8, 2012

Idea This | 003 SlideDisplay Technology

Fellow Tunnelers,

We could be on the trail of something hot with these Idea This postings.  Tell me what you think.  My gear grease was lubricating the gears again and this is what it produced:

Notebook with IR or capacitive touchscreen  that slides to a 30-45 degree angle, to create the optimal touch or drawing interface angle. 

This would require specialized dual slim hinge that slides along top case of notebook but also not obtrusive.
Notebook display will open as a standard clam shell and then the SlideDisplay hinge would allow the display to convert into  touchscreen optimized 30 degree angled screen.  Creating a sloped triangle out of the notebook.

After utilizing the 30 degree SlideDisplay hinge, slide the display back and the display snaps back into 90 degree clamshell angle.  At that point the notebook display can open and close as a clamshell.
When the SlideDisplay is positioned in the 30 degree "slide" position the keyboard resides covered underneath, creating a tipi effect.

Add in Infrared Optical touch sensors along the bezel and this combination makes great for a low cost "Windows 8 ArtBook".

Throw in a Gorilla Glass 2 screen with capacitive touch with the SlideDisplay technology.
Perhaps implement this in a new 13inch MacBook Pro and call it  "MacBook Design" for the artistic type and you are selling hotcakes.

Sell this to Windows 8 users with the latest version of Photoshop and call it "Windows 8 Creative SlateBook"  again we are talking about tasty hotcakes!

Sounds like a  sexy genius striking up imagination :).  Can someone tell Steve Ballmer or Tim Cook to call?  ;)

Now I am seeing technology that has a 360 hinge allowing you to rotate the display backwards/upside down to make a triangle.  Giving you that sloped touch interface.  But the million dollar question and answer is how do you make the touch and type experience intuitive and seamless?

I am not going to want to flip my laptop up, down and around every time I need to interface with Windows 8 by touch. 

My instinct is to grab my current laptop screen, slide and angle it towards me.  When I am finished, I slide it back to its original clamshell position and when I'm finished with my "Slidebook" I can close it like a traditional clamshell notebook.

What do y'all say?

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