Friday, November 9, 2012

Bloggin' on whim | 2013-2014 Year(s) of ARM Cloud Computing

Hello All,

On a whim again... what a long week eh?  So what is ARM Cloud Computing do you ask?  It is simply a revolution of putting ARM mobile System on chips inside a laptop shell, like the fancy New Chromebook 2012.  In turn after you build one of these devices you pair it with your cloud service, i.e. Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive with boat loads of gigabytes of online storage.

Make sure your battery life of the device is 8 hours or greater to even make it tempting.  You have to entice and present a lifestyle change in mobile computing to individuals that are use to carrying their ac adapter cord like it's their favorite 2nd grade jump rope... ;)

Mark my words while drinking ice cold lemonade.  Microsoft will release a Windows RT notebook with a dual or quad core ARM chip, 2-4GB of ram and 80-100GB of SSD goodness to allow redundant storage to SkyDrive.  Google will eventually release a Chromebook quad core ARM, 2-4GB of ram and 80-100GB of SSD goodness as well for redundant storage to Google Drive.  This will allow both players to present their storage solutions as simple rain puddles that come from the rainy clouds.

Let me explain those rain puddles... for example, when that rain evaporates it is absorbed into the clouds and then when clouds have built up enough moisture they rain to create a cycle.  The local redundant SSD storage will simply allow users to remain working offline between network disconnections and then two way sync when back in the view of clouds (network connection).  These Arm computers will have a niche where netbooks and entry level computers once had.

These Arm notebooks will push ultrabooks in the corner as business travelers will realize they do not need a Core i5 processor in an ulta-thin expensive shell.  Ultrabooks have jingling bells inside that shake and bake but miss at the subtle hug and pat on the back to get the "right amount" of work done that Arm notebooks will capture.

Adoption of these Arm computers will be popular in schools, construction and the sales industries.

Windows RT will gain faster adoption with IT departments in comparison to  the full gamut of Windows 8 Pro.

Apple will be in a pickle to compete in this space, they will attempt with their Ipad and Ipad mini.  Individuals will soon realize how much more encompassing it is to have a keyboard, trackpad and stand called a notebook.  Apple will do their usual nose turning as their Macbook Air cannot compete with cost.

To sum it up with an embracing hug:  all day battery, no system fans, lightweight, cloud services included.

I reckon Google may be starting a revolution with the New Chromebook and Microsoft will soon follow with Windows RT and SkyDrive.   Yeah don't worry, PC makers will put Windows RT in a notebook form factor and compete with Microsoft's Surface.  PC makers will gain quicker adoption than that of the Surface.

Do you see something different in the future or think this is ludicrous?  Tell us about it below!

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