Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bloggin' on a whim | Black Fire Sale!

So if you asked me how to do a fire sale on Black Friday, I would tell you to put on your oven mitts (no relation to someone named Mitt) and flame retardant clothing attire... this one could get hot!

I say Google should wrap their Chromebooks in a layer of fire and throw them in every brick and mortar store you can lay your mittens on.  Let me explain:  so this is what to do, bring the price of the Chromebook to $99 and do not offer the free 100GB of Google Drive.  The $99 is just for the Chromebook and the 5GB of free Google Drive.  That is it, you get everyone and their kin to get a Chromebook and these sell faster than hotcakes from a professional pancake maker (don't hold me to that if that is not a real occupation).  Actually wait a minute, you have brick and mortar stores continue this black fire sale throughout the Thanksgiving weekend and call it Black Fire Weekend by Google!

Google would make sure there are plethora amounts of Chromebooks to go around and create the seeds for a Chromebook revolution!

What do yall think?  Would you be enticed to participate in an event like this if Google were to sell Chromebooks at cost or slight loss to start their Chromebook Craze?

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