Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bloggin' on a whim | Windows 8

Simplicity with Metro hair gel brought to the forefront, is what appeals to us right?  Well, hold onto your hog carriage there...

I would have liked to whisper some things into the ear of Steven Sinofsky before he was ousted from Microsoft.  Since he nor Steve Ballmer revealed these ideas to the tech industry, I will!  Make sure the straps on your boots are tight and lean, this could get interesting...

Now as far as the Surface experiment, I would like to explain the above images from a side profile.  On the very left is your typical clamshell laptop.  In the middle is a Surface tablet with keyboard and at the very far right is what I call a slidebook.  It oozes out technology from my SlideDisplay post.  The slidebook's display pulls forward at 35-45degree angle and then is able to be positioned back into a 90degree clamshell angle for keyboard input.  Then close completely for transportation.

So I question the overall being of Windows 8, I understand needing to evolve the Windows ecosystem.  However, evolving the desktop operating system to the level of a phone operating system and then push it on non-touchscreen devices.  It's like wearing a sweater over steel body armor to a whip and water hose fight.  Exactly, you are thinking "what are you doing with that attire?", people will question if you have arrived at the correct destination.

Now I will say this, Windows 8 is a very responsive OS and fluid experience on touchscreen devices.  As far as  the experience on a non-touchscreen notebook, let me tell you.  I am truly afraid of my productivity as it is cucumbered er... I mean cumbersome.  I struggle to find the start menu along with my cascaded applications that were once located on my taskbar.  Desktop mode, I could shake a whole tree at it and the leaves would not fall as they would be in fear of getting lost.

I would have simply told both Stevens, "hey why don't we install a push to start (enable/disable) "Metro" button on Windows 8.  By that I mean you press the "Windows Key" (yeah that key that has the nifty Windows logo) and you get the Metro style tiles.  You press the "Windows Key" again to leave Metro mode if you will.  Heck, but please leave the start menu the same as Windows 7 when in desktop mode.  Notifications and all.

Perhaps I am just typing on a whim and you would like to add to this conversation?


  1. Got a new non-touch laptop w/ win8 b/c it came with impressive processing power. Metro is crap, the system consistently hangs on trivial processes (can I close FF please?) and so far haven't figured out how to restart/power-down without mousing to btm rt corner to pop up the menu, click settings, click something else, then finally choose my option.

    Also, since they went to UEFI instead of BIOS it is very difficult to install ANY other OS (even win7) b/c my intent all along had been to wipe the win8 and run linux. I think they should stop worrying about all these clever closure devices and get away from the rectangular shape all together: I would only ever install win8 a bowl-shaped device made of porcelain.

    1. Fellow Tunneler, enter the bios and disable the UEFI boot mode and then install the OS of your choice :) This will solve your Windows 8 woes!