Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tunnel.Edu | MIT OpenCourseware

Well hello there life-long learner!  I ran across, tripped and fell on this today. As TunnelYou, we want to give back and do our part in sharing of information and technology!  This is a tremendous resource and it is actual courseware with lecture videos, notes and all, as if you were sitting in class and all free!

Just click the image above to head on over to take your online courses (this is also located under the Tunnel.Edu tab, we will place other informative educational pieces in this section as well).  I am a by-product of online courses and training, so this fits right up my dimly lit alley.  I am personally taking the electrical engineering and computer science course.  Getting my hands, head, and body into the programming game.  Should be a blast!  

So what courses are you going to be taking?  Tell us below!

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