Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Write this | Leash, Chain and Tape Measure

The scraggly elder from the hollow oak tree hands you a sack of  three presumed items.  He states, " You will be able to leash and unleash skills for the future."  He goes on, " Also within, you will be able to chain your greatest fears with authority.  "Lastly he states, "With the last item you will be able to measure the progress of your journey.  You oblige the scraggly elder that has wisdom dripping from his beard (perhaps it is rain water with tree sap but you do not dare ask).  As you open the sack, the scraggly

elder wacks your hand with his stained sticky cane!  He yaps, " Why do you question if you have these tools within the sack?"  You respond, "I would like to confirm I have these tools."  The elder chuckles, "This was the reason you came across my path, I advised you of the tools that could be found inside of you.  "Now go wash my sack of laundry and locate your leash, chain and tape measure!"

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