Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bottle This | My Tech Life

 I was a whippersnapper 22 years in reverse, floppy eyed pupils dilated 5.25inches wide from my adventures with Commander Keen ;).  I spoke on bluetooth headsets in 2002 and people would inquire to me as to how am I speaking with no wires?  I watched movies on my Palm Zodiac and played Tony Hawk on my T-Mobile N-gage:). I create home PBX systems with Nerdvittles PIAF.  
Recently I fed my child a tablet smothered in Jelly Beans and we're not talking of the pharmaceutical type.  No, we're speaking of the tablets who's glass screens are made from the poundings of frustrated gorillas.  Sometimes in life you just need to raise your hand and tell a story, do you see my hand?

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