Thursday, December 6, 2012

Puzzle Post | Apple Maps

[Removing Google Maps and installing their own Apple Maps app as default has been a PR disaster for Apple, and a disaster for users of their products]  [I cannot look for a company by name much of the time, which really sucks when you want dinner. #Hungry ]

  [Apple might improve it's dysfunctional maps but Google will always be the leader] [No, seriously. Apple needs reliable maps to make sure the Siri users don't cross the bay just to get to the mall] [My home address is listed as a hospital that was closed down and demolished 15 years ago]  [Those who "I like the new maps" are plain sheep, holy crap]  [Apple stated it was amazing and flyover was amazing too. Looking at the sunken in bridges and distorted buildings that look melted is pretty darn amusing]  [The more I look at the map, the more errors and odd choices I see]

 Please add to thie Puzzle Post about Apple maps below!

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