Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Dovember 2013 experience...

Hack Night | Wearable gadgets and Internet of things!

So while the leaves and temperature fell.  My gumption and entrepreneurial spirit rose, euphoric, innovative thoughts took residence in my mind and kicked the cob webs to the curb.  All while wearing Glass on my eyes...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Paper on Homework Huddle

What is the problem?

Parenting with a limited educational interface introduces opportunities of a parent's educational interaction with their child. A limited educational interface may vary from a lack of intuitive educational tools, to the inability to be in the same room as your child.  We should tackle this front with an agile and organic interactive tool. This organic interface should enable a child two way interaction with parents/caregivers, teachers and peers, a thousand miles away or in the same building.  A child's educational experience should be influenced by both parents, parents may live together, separately or are away from the household often due to a demanding career or military deployment.  Current tools are not equal in solving this problem, however what remains is the common denominator; our children.

What are the required pieces?

Parents, teachers, technology and peers are integral components for the foundation of this organic tool.  With these components in place, only then can we propel our children’s pinnacle aspirations. This tool should be seamless between mobile devices and traditional computers.  All too often educational sites are stagnate and outlined in flustered navigation.  As we cannot have a website as a sole focal point, our children are the focal benefactors of educational experiences.  We desire to provide tools that will allow children to discern and problem-solve now and later in life.

What should we create?

I would like to propose an (app) interactive tool that interacts with mobile smartphones, tablets and traditional computers.  Students are able to work on homework with peers and parents, ask for help from teachers, and peers all from this app.  Through this app the child is able to collaborate and check in assignments.  Teachers may send additional study material and helper exercises to students.  Parents would have administrative control over who could enter into their child’s peer and educator circle.  Additionally, there would be a whiteboard integrated into this app, simulating “scratch” paper, this will allow insight into the logic and learning process of the student.  This platform needs to be able to thrive even if a school district or educator decides not to opt-in due to antiquated processes.  Parents will have the ability to perform a homework review before a student turns in their work and the parent will receive notification of when homework is ready for review. In addition, parents will have a dashboard to deploy certified educational apps to their child's app and the child may access this app from smartphone, tablet and traditional computer web browser. Add an additional feature and allow children to report bullying, anonymously.

What is the current climate of the problem?

According to research from the University of Missouri, approximately one of every two divorces in Missouri involves children.  Children whose parents are divorced are at greater risk for aggression, depression, lower self-esteem and poorer school performance. Moreover, according to University of Arizona’s Center for Research and Outreach, military deployment of parents impact the children in ways that bring about internalizing behavioral or emotional problems such as sadness or anxiety.  Furthermore, academic adjustment proves to be difficult with poor grades or not completing homework.  How do we tackle this problem that affects the divorced and deployed?  We need to interact with results before they become results, which means we need to be involved throughout the learning process.

Problem Exploration

I've collected perspectives from both divorced and military parents; my examples include myself, a divorced IT professional, single father and my brother who's a married father of two and Air Force aeronautics instructor.  We both agree we miss out on insight into our children’s educational experience when travelling or away and desire remote interaction with our children’s educational experience.  This should all tie in with a platform that is open to educators, this promotes educational synchronization between our children, their peers and educators.  This tool should not be tied to a stagnate website but an ever organic application via mobile devices and computers web browsers.  My brother suggested he would like monthly comparisons of his children’s progress, district level vs. national level and where they stand.  Moreover, we both agreed only seeing the end result is not good enough and too late.


We as parents, must have access to the the learning process of our children before that report card ink is applied and before that parent/teacher meeting is on the calendar, regardless of location.  Has this intrigued and motivated you to organically improve your child’s learning experience from near and afar?  I call you to arms and join; Homework Huddle!

Monday, November 18, 2013

No one is asking you to change the world...

Walk down the path... whoops there goes a trip,
perhaps you bit off more than you can chew, maybe you should've taken a small nip!

"On the contrary," says a leader!  It was a stepping stone that was awry,
reestablish and reinforce and bewilder naysayers, they keep asking why?

Just remember this on your journey...

No one is asking you to change the world,
however, ask yourself, "What good is a sand covered pearl?"

Thursday, October 31, 2013

TunnelYou, Google and Biggest Loser create weight accountability insoles...

My latest idea to change lives...

Wa-Soles, stands for weight accountability, pronounced (way-soles).  The idea behind this is: we should be more accountable of our weight and that accountability is not to just to ourselves, but to our friends, family and this world.

This is accountability of not just avoiding obesity but to maintain a healthy weight for your build and frame.  Keep your body fine tuned to its optimal weight and produce a productive, inspirational, and happy life!

Each insole will be constructed of the following: pressure/weight sensing film that is attached to a component slim bluetooth low energy module, that fits undetectable and seamlessly into a heel shoe insert.

The pressure/weight sensing film is calibrated to record your weight when there is even pressure applied to it and for a certain idle duration  The pressure/weight sensor will be responsive to only a human heel.  Each bluetooth low energy module communicates with each other to calculate your weight between the seperate heel insoles.

This information is transmitted to your Bluetooth 4.0 smart ready smartphone and then sent on to the Wa-Soles webserver to store your information in a database.

On your Wa-Sole app you type in your height, weight and age.

The Wa-Soles webserver will communicate to your smartphone via Wa-Soles app, giving you updates about your weight and weight trends.  And what your optimal weight should be.  Fun games and competitions can be held with your Facebook friends if you connect your Facebook account to your Wa-Soles app.

Have "Shadow" competitions with real "Biggest Loser Contestants."  Wa-soles will change lives behind the TV screen!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

How WindowsBook could be the "Computer for Everyone" instead of Chromebook...

It's time to innovate and imitate... just a bit.

Dear Microsoft,

Let's address a few items that have changed with today's end user:
  • Times have changed and there is a large niche of users that don't live in a x86 environment for their daily needs, just look at the testament of ARM devices aka Ipads, Iphones, Android smartphones.
  • Today's end users have a varying learning curve with any new tech that is released and frankly version numbers are not important to them in the grand scheme of things. 
  • PCs are starting to alienate end users that use a Kindle fire or Ipad as their main personal computing device.
  • All day battery life is expected with today's on the go lifestyle.
  • We have more "casual computing" users than ever before
  • Today is not about the "personal computer" but a device with a balance of content consumption and creation, presented in a familiar computing platform.
  • Casual end user's don't want to be hassled with plugins that get in the way nor want to be victimized by lurking malware on a platform they have been using throughout their generation (Windows x86).
  • The items that are most important to students using the Windows Operating System for computing is the Office suite that is industry standard in schools and colleges, heck even in some organizations.
  • Users today are more accustomed to app installs and not full software installations that are required on x86 operating systems (times of the past for them).  Forget about .dlls and .exe.  Get the user what they want and need with a beefed up Windows app Store.
So how does Microsoft fill the gap below?:
Imitate a bit from Google:
  • Create a WindowsBook that runs Windows RT
  • Manufacture with Nokia, Acer and HP
  • Allow Windows RT to enable multiple login accounts with Skydrive Credentials
  • Create a WindowsBook at a 269USD price point, multitouch pad, 64GB of SSD storage and  3GB ram, webcam, video out.  
  • Plastic-ly rubber built hardened clamshell, 11.6 inch screen and full size keyboard
  • Include a slim-fit lithium ion battery with 24 hours of battery life on Nvidia Tegra 4.
  • Allow students with an .edu email address to have access to Office 365 University free of charge for the entire the life of the WindowsBook
  • Create a WindowsBook for Business that allow business professionals access to programs like Microsoft Visio and Project.  And full control for IT administrators with Windows Intune.
  • Allow each WindowsBook to have Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready technology so that individuals can connect their home automation devices and life fitness devices (Fitbit and jawbone UP) to their machine.  This will allow future Bluetooth 4.0 smart devices to sync with someone's WindowsBook.
  • Put the integration of the smartphone inside WindowsBook
  • Standard version of WindowsBook comes with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.  Give two years free of Skydrive 64GB and after that charge 24.99 yearly for the 64GB of SkyDrive
  • Allow WindowsPhone 8 and WindowsBook integration.  When installing an app on your Windows phone 8 you will be prompted,  "Would you also like to install this app on your WindowsBook?" And vice-versa,  apps from your Windows Phone 8 and WindowsBook share application data.
  • If you want to produce a casual computing device for the masses, do it with the end user in mind. Do not have the name Windows RT (heck get rid of RT all together) anywhere in the marketing material of WindowsBook and market WindowsBook as:
Windows, familiar as you've always known it, now with your mobile life in mind, no more viruses and always up to date with apps from the Windows store.  You are the story of computing, welcome to your WindowsBook!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

No longer say why and take your dreams off standby

Some days we ask why, other days we fly, now is not the time to hide in the shadows and cry.  When a day is rough, we sigh, perhaps the effort could have used a little more try...

This is not a story to get you revved up about what you should, could and only if you had enough gumption, would.

Self aware, is the insignia that must lay upon the armor you wear.
Draw some fanfare and come out of hiding from that damp cold dingy lair!

Do it, strive for the next level.  Take a can, throw in your cry, sigh and why.
Perform a heroic rescue and free your dreams from the position of standby!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Senses Beyond Senses

Senses Beyond Senses

We have the power to touch beyond the embrace,
invoke inspiration and motivation into that weary face.

You feel the heart of those whose strive for a stronger beat?
That very sense lives inside that child sitting in that classroom seat.

The external scream need not fall on audible senses, but reach the work of your hands,
some days it feels as if you are wandering in deserts full of wet sand.

You need to cause a stir, a ruckus that would rival a chorus, no band,
Where is your sense of confidence, reinvent yourself, become a self-made fan!

Sight without vision slowly erodes into blight, 
how about create inspiration that arises aloft, creating tears of joy that need no wipe.
Yeah we are here with you holding the string while you dream beyond the kite.

Go evangelize the senses beyond the senses, leave something behind for those not yet conceived through the portal of crimson.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Do-vember | Doacracy and November make a baby...

November is National Entrepreneurship Month and in Denver/Boulder we do!  
Tweet if you are in support of this proposed initiative.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Team Olympia comes away with the top prize at Geeks and Artists Olympics 2013 | Denver Startup Week 2013

My feet trot inside a wooden laced brewery cathedral called Wynkoop Brewery.  The setting starts off somber, tables placed about and teams form.  Soon, I'm swooned by the thought of drink tickets and team competition.

I walk up to the signup table and there's one team already created.  I' m presented with a decision to join the team or form one.  I choose the latter and say, "Team Olympia"  I attempt to recruit without success.  I chose to fill my Olympic belly with this fuel instead:

Now properly fueled, mingling starts inside the Geeks and Artists Olympic hall.  Here are the games that we gloriously competed in:

  • Billiards
  • Branding
  • Beer Pong
  • Cornhole(bags)
  • Trivia

At this point "Team Olympia" roster is complete and we take a team picture ( at least with everyone we could muster at the time).

Ecstatic group of G & A Olympians right?

After our team picture was in the bag, we dvided into micro teams of two and took on the events. Throughout the competition we performed with confidence, iterated, took risks, made mistakes and some could say got "lucky" from time to time.  Perhaps we resembled a startup at this point...

However, we consistently believed in one another and never faulted on that belief.  At one point, we had to stop apologizing to each other for mistakes and just perform to resolve.  We kept with that formula and the games came down to a decision by the judges... the rest is history along with two growlers of Lager :)
Denver Startup Week 2013
Geeks & Artists Olympic 2013 Champions!

P.S.  Mile High Ale-titude should be brewed and labeled with the faces above!

*Edit*  Come make a new story!  
Sign up for Denver Startup Week Olympics 2014 here:

Friday, September 13, 2013

What Startup Weekend Denver 2013 may do for you...

I will keep this one short and sweet.

Reasons why you should attend:

  • I had the opportunity to work with this founder man (yes, I said founder man:)) of StartupDenver, I like to think of him as the Pope of the Denver Startup Community, none other than Jon Rossi of StartupDenver.  He will connect you to the community stronger than a set of legos made with a 3d printer!

  • I attended Startup Weekend Denver 2012 and witnessed these guys that went from to in less than a year.  Now they are tearing up the startup scene while boot-strapping: Takes Home Top Prize at APEX Challenge

and doing this: Coin Summit 2013 Glorious Failure 50K, not bad for bootstrapping, a win win for exposure and running lean, love it!

Success won't just come to you, you have to seek it diligently and capture it wholeheartedly.  I see this in!

I took great things from Startup Weekend Denver 2012 and I'm on my way of launching two Startup projects with a small team.  

I will not be attending Startup Weekend Denver 2013, but I will continue to work on the fruits from that Weekend that sparked it for me.  I highly encourage you to go!

So get off the fence and signup.  Go tonight!  You have 7 hours or less before it starts.  Signup

Monday, August 26, 2013

Flat Design | TunnelYou and DenverCliff

In this era of flat design.  I present TunnelYou and DenverCliff Flat.  Clean, crisp and effective. The same way you want to solve a problem and build a company around it...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mogul Music House | Incubator

Mr. Mathers

We enjoy being your fans... it feels good right?  Well we're tired of holding the vibrator. We want to get involved and see a musical/lyrical incubator.   

Wash the stains out, reinforce that blouse, discover talent and scour local communities with Mogul Music House! 

Combines Singer+Lyricist+Composer+Local Artist.   

Initially fully funded by investors, crowdfunding available for artists/groups. 

  • 10% of revenue of a project goes back to the incubator/community development.   
  • 10% goes to incubator real estate/maintenance.   
  • 25% goes back to investor(s).   
  • 55% goes to the artists/groups of each project that is released. 
  • Host Auditions, competitions, co-working music schooling. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Creative Slums | Comeback Kid

Comeback kid... Why do you have to keep coming back?  Withdraw your mentality from the secluded grid.  Go ahead and do something amazing, while you're at it, creatively flip your lid!

What do you have to keep coming back from?  Don't you have to have a story, equip passion that is fueled by positive fury?  So go out there and create results greater than the sum of 1 2 3 4.  Victories may not come easily, some may bore, others may be a strangled chore.  But carry this vision; you shall reach your destination for sure!

Don't become a byproduct of the slums, recreate yourself and shake off that label...  For your life is much more than a storied fable!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Acer Switch... Ubuntu Edge who?

Now that Acer is crying in the same boat as Steve Ballmer over Windows 8.  Perhaps they will move into a territory of convergence :).  Hey why not?  The Ubuntu Edge campaign will fail (if not already failed by the time you read this) and Canonical gave mobile device manufacturers a great idea...

Let's take two products that have shown to work in the consumer space:  Android and ChromeOS (Chromebooks).  Acer, why not make a phone with say 64GB-128GB of storage space, 4GB of ram and a Samsung Exynos Quad core SoC (system on chip).  Put that all behind a nice 4.7inch Gorilla Glass 3 screen, load it up with Android 4.3 and the latest version of Chrome OS (you will need to work closely with Google on this one).

Allow the device to dual "switch" Chrome OS and Android 4.3 seamlessly.  When the device is docked... magic, it switches into Chrome OS and supports an external monitor/keyboard/mouse connection. When away from the dock... it is Android 4.3.  Perhaps offer a more robust office suite solution and rock-solid Citrix/RDP clients bundled with the phone.  Of course all of your data would be backed up to Google Drive, heck Google, go ahead and throw in 2 years of free 100GB of storage on Drive.  As another bonus feature, when the device is docked it enables Chromecast functionality (for those group movie and music nights).

Call this device the Acer Switch!  Just imagine the possibilities... create a laptop style dock with 24 hour battery, 11.6inch display and full keyboard with webcam/microphone.  Slide the Acer Switch into the laptop dock via a side slide out tray... Voila, you have a Chromebook!  Create a desktop dock that suffices additional multimedia connections.

The Acer Switch, innovation is always on!

Price points:
  • 64GB Acer Switch: 399USD
  • 128GB Acer Switch: 499USD
  • Standard desktop dock: 49.99USD
  • Laptop Style dock: 129.99USD
Mr. Jim Wong you know where to reach me...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Creatives in a box!

Once upon a time… Creatives were thrown in a box, sprinkled with imagination and pelted with

Everyday… they collaborated and played with tools of technology, developed and created art work that rivaled digital Mahogany.

Until one day…  they shared their work with the community, invited local bee bop beats and local peeps.  Everyone marvelled at the musical treats, even more amazing were  the illustrated stories that wrote and drew while you spoke.

Because of that… those that were imaginatively chained and latched, were infused with a creative tap, one that would cause you to play patty cake in one big batch.  Even save the world with a grandeur artsy app!

Because of that…  the space was a refuge for the creatively displaced.  Wondering imagination to be housed in a creative space, that made even the sexiest of lace put on a jealous face ;)

Until finally…  talent of the dwellers grew to be fine and dandy, yeah they had their moments of tasteful larky.  November 19th, it was time for a grand ole' entrepreneur party, not even sane corporate party goers could tame.  Creative-hood was not for the faint of heart and those that said they wish, would, could and would've chopped wood.  For the artsy heroes, they evangelized and went about the community, to make people forget about vanity.  For there was more behind the substance, cultivating dreams and freeing those that were creatively reluctant!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Project: Windows Tile | Xbox TV

Tegra 3 SoC encapsulated in HDMI plug.  = Tegra 3 SoC 15USD

2gb- 4gb ram

32gb- 64gb of storage

MicroSD slot up to 128GB

OS: Windows 8 RT

Include a SDK that runs on RT.

Access to all Windows 8 RT apps.

Bluetooth 4.0

Wi-Fi Direct

Dual Band 802.11n

Allows presentation and control from any Windows 8 device.  Compatible with  Bluetooth peripherals  and Xbox 360 controllers/ Xbox One controllers

Xbox Live integration

SkyDrive Integration

Price point--> 59.99USD - 89.99USD

Shape of a mini tile when the hdmi cap is in place

Could be disruptive to the desktop and streaming consumer space…

But innovatively disruptive :)

Surface Education | Initiative

I handed Mr. Ballmer a tissue for his weep, actually this weep was deep, indeed. I asked "What's the worry?".  He responds, "What am I to do with all this Surface inventory?"

I tell Mr. Ballmer, "Allow me to tell you of an idea, these could tell stories, put nails in the coffins of competitors, no hammering. 

You give these tools, you give kids the possibility to create dragons out of reality and excel in the world of programming!"


Surface Education! Initiative

Bringing mobile development to the Surface!

Partner with High Schools and Colleges;  Provide a version of Windows 8 RT SDK that runs on Windows 8 RT surface tablets.

Promote "Surface Education" Hackathons in various tech cities…  ie. Denver/ Boulder, Colo.  San Francisco, Calif.  New York, NY. Portland, Ore.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In the ring with battered dreams...

Nothing goes without reason, everything comes with its season 

Be true to yourself, you are the one to change the game, revolving every four seasons 

 Your dream wobbles and leans, distraught in your eyes and a mind that prays for the unforeseen,  you still need to persevere the journey full of snarling trees.  

Your fears are battered and beaten, laying down in the ring. You try to recall where you've been but you hear a voice say; count to ten and live out that glorious dream! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why Vine is strangling Twitter

Send a Tweet on a Vine, 
it's like climbing Everest with twine. 

Bird choking so slowly, cant behold... 
that Vine is stuck in one big messy hole.

Look at that poor bird, on a vine painfully chirping,
Almost as concerning as a stubborn infant refusing its birping.

Twitter purchased a polished deck, but the Vine was neglected, 
released into the wild without a health check.

This is turning into frustration, delirious and disastrous, 
like the time HP bet the farm on WebOS

Don't get me wrong, the idea was awesome in principle and I really tried to be a fan
It's just that the slimy vine wont shake its rump, like Miley Cyrus twerking on Instagram!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pray for Amanda Bynes and smile like Tina Fey | Lyrics

This is my  attempt to write, it's not my mistake if it's not right.

For the only mistake you can make, is the one you don't write.

I really am trying to write and rhyme this time, I swear to you I am not trying to scare you off like a late night with Amanda Bynes.

I grit and grind throughout the day, to keep the smile that mocks Tina Fey... Perhaps I should do one better, wave my flag on a stick, better yet let me workout and get slim like a hippie chick.

At my day job, I crunch bits and bytes to keep the lights.  For the bills have to be paid and my son loves to play.  Oh someday, I will be able to show him how to shine like a sun ray.

Better yet, I will tell him to avoid girls like Amanda Bynes and smile like Tina Fey!

Audio and StoryCast at

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Not my mistake

This is my  attempt to write, it's not my mistake if it's not right. 

For the only mistake you can make, is the one you don't write. 

I really am trying to write and rhyme this time, I swear to you I am not trying to scare you off like a late night with Amanda Bynes. 

I grit and grind throughout the day, to keep the smile that mocks Tina Fey... Perhaps I should do one better, wave my flag on a stick, better yet let me workout and get slim like a hippie chick. 

At my day job, I crunch bits and bytes to keep the lights.  For the bills have to be paid and my son loves to play.  Oh someday I will be able to show him how to shine like a sun ray! 

audio at

Give Up | Give Something

I can't even give up, I have nothing left to give.  I wish I could refill this cracked empty cup. 

When I look up and around, hopelessness strolls around.  The hero that should be present in this moment, is nowhere to be found.  In a blink of an eye, I come around to wrestle adversities that surrender to my pound as they lay agonizing in the ground. 

So before I can think of giving up, I have to think of what I truly have to give.  Society is our playground, advance it, assist it, make sure it's  a locomotive you want to run steam with.  So go ahead and kiss it. 

That affection can get you far, it will create a stir in the crowd both beneath and aligned with the stars! 

audio at

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Job Hunting

I was suppose to be job hunting, instead I'm wrapped up in this lyrical stunting.   

For when the parent company goes asunder, this severely puts me at risk of falling a blunder. 

I hope and pray this creativity will free me, free me from the captivity of normalcy... 

audio at

Monday, July 8, 2013

Beacon Shovel | Where employers dig you

Employers search by role and an employee crawler searches the web for relevant information including your work history.  

When a company posts hiring criteria (anywhere on the web) that is relevant to you,  you are notified of those jobs and an auto application is sent to those companies via LinkedIn(Beacon turned on).  
You disable your beacon when you are no longer actively seeking employment.