Thursday, January 24, 2013


You may be wondering where was this rendezvous of these Dames of Entrepreneurial-hood?  I will tell you… Thrive!  The environment was fitting for the occupants that were soon to fill the space.  Vigorous women of knighthood equivalency is a good start to the description of everyone inside.  Let us not forget of the nourishing items sprawled about, H20, spirit tantalizing juice from delightful grapes.  Last but not least, pies made of savory tomatoes, cheese from the milk of wild roaming cows, and dough from the grains of bountiful fields…

To open things up, these vivacious women were of the most Entrepreneurial spirit.  To the sharings of their current ventures, whether it be an Ipad case of swiss army knife proportions but effective or  ambitions of introducting inner-city kids to the game of Futbol (soccer) and having them excel.  We are so fortunate to have had a woman of architect and designer nature spreading her talents across the globe.  Another woman took an amazing idea of having charcoal tree branches from afar to purify our water, electrify our body, mind and spirit.  I am telling you folks, I could have sworn at one point I heard the wooden floors creak from the amount of energy amassing inside this container calledThrive!

I completely enjoyed being the fly on the wall adhered by the synergies of great women.  Joni Kripalwas the sub-in speaker and Lizelle van Vuuren  scribed a beautiful recap here.  Please spread the word and invite more inspirational women!  We want to promote mentorship within the female entrepreneurial community and intertwine the connection between online and reality then most importantly do stuff!.  Sign up for the entourage here.  Now there is no excuse :) .

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