Thursday, January 17, 2013

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So what vine shall we climb to reach the StickerGiant?  I will tell you, you may end up at the wrong destination if you climb a vine.  All we had to do was show up at  the Desk Denver.  To set the environment, we staged chips, pretzels and cheesy dips to feed the StickerGiant and his minions…

Welcome Ceo/Founder of John Fischer and the Startup Grind Denver crew (minions).  We peer and investigate into our gracious guest John,  we want to know of more meaning behind a sticker printer company based in Hygiene, Colorado.  Let’s start with the CEO, John Fischer the youngest of four and the by product of a CEO/President father and mother of law enforcement.  We should have known all the children would mature into owning companies for themselves at some point in their lives.  Raised in Elmhurst, Illinois and toughened by his peers (better phrase for being picked on), John ate dinners with chatter of business from his mother and father at a table.  Now this table had its significance, however it was what sat atop and around it that had more value.  John started working at the ripe age of 15 and continue the values instilled in him to this day 32 years later!
So let’s move to the year 2000, what makes someone want to create labels/stickers.  Perhaps the right time with the right slogan during a presidential election?  Perhaps it takes the flu to stricken thyself?  Well for John, both occurred and he excelled from there.  Word of mouth and customers drove business.  Fast forward to the Spring of 2011 and you have a wind powered printing facility based here in Colorado printing along with 20 employees with 30 percent annual growth and that is a nice dish of success.
The sticker/label business has over 5,000 companies here in the USA alone, it is very niche based.  However excel at your niche and excel you shall.  One of pivotal moments were when they realized they were a printing company and not an internet company.  They focus on customers and regrouped on taking care of the customer.  At everything starts with a vision and anarchy.  By anarchy we are speaking of employees bringing ideas and processes to the table to be evaluated and implemented.  If a lovely press lady wants to be a sticker evangelist, well then at StickerGiant she will have her chance.  The results are to be evaluated but the opportunity is given!  Think of sharing ownership to stop the insomnia, with open book principles.
So the next time you are in Hygiene, Colorado visit visit StickerGiant and John Fischer.  He is a swell fellow and the @stickergiant on Twitter the sticker experts!

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