Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Imagine This | Illustrate Letter

So I peered at the twin turbo prop plane that was destined for Sacramento, Calif.  A life idea event was a brewing as I waited at San Francisco International Airport...

I am now onboard the twin turbo prop plane and pushed snuggly into my seat.  A young woman that smells of cherry oak sits to my left and the window brushed my elbow to the right.  As we take off and are airborne, I notice the young woman is writing on a letter pad and doodling images within the paragraphs she was writing.  I ask the young woman, "Are you a writer or an artist?"  She replied, "No, I am just writing a letter instead of emailing."  I added, "I see that you are inserting your own emoticons and images into that letter of yours."  She laughs, first of an even tone and then raises with a higher pitch as if additional humor was poured on top.

From this brief interaction, I obtained the idea of a software or web app that would illustrate drawings/animations as you typed your words.  The software/web app would have artificial intelligence and utilize a gallery of drawings or suggest new ones based on the overall content of which one writes.  The software/web app would illustrate actions and objects as you were typing.  So as you typed you were creating a visual story.  As the world used this software/web app more and more, it would become image rich and eventually evolve into being able to create illustrated motion pictures.

Just think of the educational purposes this could have in elementary schools and beyond.

Wouldn't it be amazing the next time you typed an email to a loved one there would be a nice story illustration/animation below for them to visually consume?  I suppose it depends on the content you were writing them ;)

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