Monday, February 11, 2013

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This encapsulation of entrepreneurial gumption takes place at Thrive!  with Justin SangerCEO/Founder of  Boy oh Boy what a treat,  a Beef Wellington type of treat, yeah that good!  If only I could ask my local friend’s recommendations for a restaurant that serves stellar Beef Wellington…

Now imagine this, a small group of people enter a space to meet a man of dynamic character.  He tells everyone they will mount horses and trot in green pastures.  Now this is just setting the introduction stage this man seeks.  Pastures of various free-flowing beverages and stone laden ovens that contain pies de tomato.  As everyone settles into their horse,  the dynamic man that is leading the group requests that everyone to introduce themselves.  As everyone is introducing themselves, the dynamic man delves into their spoken words and digests every morsel.  He is identifying and processing every bit of entrepreneurial spirit that resides within everyone as they trot green pastures with their horses.     The dynamic man’s face that expressed intrigue now turns to jubilance.   As he commands the conversation and everyone is receptive, little did they know their horses had rockets strapped to them and as soon as the entrepreneurial inquiry of the dynamic man started, they would all blast off into entrepreneurial orbit!
Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome Justin Sanger as that dynamic man! Now let’s find out about Justin Sanger and, a man that is four companies into the startup scene and currently steers,  a community to give and get local business recommendations from the people you know and trust.  Justin is recognized as a long-time innovator and leader in local search and social.  In 2003, he founded LocalLaunch, a leading search engine marketing platform and products company. In 2006, LocalLaunch was acquired by RH Donnelley/Dex One.  Over 200,000 units of its search products were sold to small businesses around the world.
Mr. Sanger was above and beyond passionate at this Startup Grind event and here are some of the items he touched on which inspired and ignited flames:
On Success:
  • Perseverance, number one quality of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship most definitely can be lonely and highly stressful.
  • People, surround yourself with people you trust.
  • Product, create something that people don’t know they need (Revolutionary). You have to
    have butterflies in your stomach.
On Focus:
  • Skate to where the puck will be, not where it is.
  • If something is wrong, take care of it or it’ll come back and bite you.
On being an Entrepreneur:
  • It’s not for the faint of heart, and most of the time it’s not sexy.
  • There are many different types of entrepreneurs. A small marketing company to big IT companies looking to exit big. Reminds the entrepreneurs that it’s the same drive across the different types.
  • It’s difficult – responsibilities to employees, employee families, customers, investors, layoffs.
This was just the surface of the entrepreneurial bellows that came from Mr. Sanger. is currently in private beta, head on over to the site to sign up.  Cut through the noise of social media fragmentation, give and get local recommendations from the people you know and trust the most.  Businesses can attract and retain customers with SupportLocal as well.
I would like to give collaboration credit to Brenda Harms,  as she shared notes to this recap.

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