Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Something to ponder | Never Last

How do we prepare for our last days?  In what sequence do we want to end our final script?  With little control on when the curtain comes, perhaps we can sense when it's dangling above...

We never want to think of our last.  Perhaps this is the mystery puzzle that throws us into greatness.  To never last means to take ahold of every moment and utilize it in every meaningful way possible.  To be an influence to all that encounter...  For this will never be our last!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon | Patriot: Red.White.Blue.

Patriot: Red.White.Blue.

We live our lives until the very end, our American nature stands to correct.  Our Patriot posts abound throughout our land, the American spirit is forever erect!

For we are not a nation of perfection, yet we are envied with flaws and all.  Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is what invigorates us to stand tall!

We capture, celebrate, and voice liberty.  This has shown to be true.  Much more than an embellishment, but a battle in which we bleed: Red, White and Blue!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Puzzle Post | Windows 8

So what's all the ruckus everyone is saying about Windows 8?

We are about to find out below:

Angela Walker  3 days ago
  • Windows 8 is a design disaster. If the best thing you can say about an OS is that its task manager is really cool, you've got some real problems.

 Yes, it's a total design disaster. They are basically trying to force people to buy their tablets to take advantage of their new OS. Not that many people have a touch screen monitor. Have you seen the price of their Windows tablets? Why would anyone want one.

Monday, April 1, 2013


When the tough gets goin', you get goin!  When it's time to ride the wave of adversity, you ride with unshakable balance!  When the norm is just not cutting it, create something supernormal.  When life's constraints tend to cause perspiration, become cool!

Just when you thought the ordinary amazed, take what you have and create extraordinary... throw this from the tallest mountain and allow the world to marvel!  Overcome every fear that is holding you back, turn your back to every fear!  Show us something!

                                                   Your Life, Live It!