Sunday, April 14, 2013

Puzzle Post | Windows 8

So what's all the ruckus everyone is saying about Windows 8?

We are about to find out below:

Angela Walker  3 days ago
  • Windows 8 is a design disaster. If the best thing you can say about an OS is that its task manager is really cool, you've got some real problems.

 Yes, it's a total design disaster. They are basically trying to force people to buy their tablets to take advantage of their new OS. Not that many people have a touch screen monitor. Have you seen the price of their Windows tablets? Why would anyone want one.

Mbane  walnutz2u  3 days ago
  • Why do you need a touch screen? How uninformed are you? Windows 8 works perfect with a mouse. Their Tablets are a full PC in tablet size. That is why they are so expensive. The Surface Pro will run any software your desktop at home runs. They are not toys like the iPad.

lexgreen  Mbane  3 days ago
  • Define "works perfect" .

JoeStecco  lexgreen  3 days ago
  • Exactly it's a horrid design. Looks like it was built by a bunch of grade schoolers. Ballmer should be shown the door by the board of directors. I've been designing an building software on windows platform for 10 years and this was the worst of the worst. Makes Vista look good. Taking away the start button was just a ridiculous move. They are trying to make a one sided fits all. It would be as if Apple tried to use IOS on their macbook pros. If I bought a PC with it installed I'd bring it back and demand a free copy of Windows 7. 

 Tim Jordan  Rob83  3 days ago

  • I had to install software which mimics the start button and disables all that screwy Windows 8 stuff which I hate. What kind of dumb idea is it to put a cell phone user interface on a desktop computer? Apple has a desktop OS and a cell phone and tablet OS, OS X and iOS respectively. Why doesn't Microsoft do the same. Windows 8 sucks and I want my Windows 7 back if you are listening Microsoft.

Linux User  Rob83  3 days ago
  • Windows 8, is going to open the door for linux, I do believe. NetRunner 12.12.1 is just about the best I have use. Zorin OS 6.2 is alright, but needs a lot more work. 

Zhijian Ye  Mbane  3 days ago
  • It is not meant for PC users. That is why it is a disaster for PC users. And I strongly believe someone with better vision than Ballmer should be navigating MS out of the dark.

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