Saturday, June 29, 2013

Idea This | Barnes and Noble SlatePad

Have you heard of Barnes and Noble's tablet sales woes?  Perhaps you want to close your ears...  I will give it to you straight, 34% sales drop in tablet sales, equating into 475 million dollar loss.  That is a lot of tablets missing a home.

I would propose that Barnes and Noble specialize in the e-ink niche and remove themselves from Kindle Fire-Nook tablet Ring, which Kindle Fire continues to put a ground and pound on the Nook tablet.

Barnes and Noble should propel itself with the products we all have come to love.  Books and e-ink that looks like book ink.

Barnes and Noble release a 13inch SlatePad that is pure e-ink display with wifi.  Focus on content delivery via e-ink.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Idea This | ScoutView

Why Is the world a better place with  ScoutView?
Providing seamless career opportunities to all and making the undiscovered, discovered!
Location based Job application submission and location based scouting.
Notifies you of nearby hiring employers/ individuals
Mobile video interviews through ScoutView App
Web based management portal for HR admins and Hiring Managers
Scouting someone allows that Hiring Manager to see nearby individuals looking for a relevant match
Allow companies to place pre-screening surveys through app.  Android and IOS app
Allow email of pre-screen forms from the company
What is the coolest thing about ScoutView?
  • Real time Location based job applications and pre-screening.
What is the sexiest thing about ScoutView?
  • Real time scouting: Discover a business partner or new employee that could be in the same room or general area.
What is the most unique and compelling thing you offer over and above the competition?
  • We bring  synergy to real time domination of locating that next great potential!  With synergizing professional platforms (linkedin,) and hog tie them together with real time ScoutView!

Competitors:  JobKaster- no seamless integration with LinkedIn.
JobKaster requires you to insert your info via their resume format.
What might exceed the customer's expectations?

What is possible to do but not necessarily being done?

What has nobody attempted to do for their customer?


Idea This | Dutch Oven

Dating in a recession, dating on a budget and dating while balancing bills.
How do individuals date in a recession in the 21st century?
Times are tough, money is allotted for bills and the rest to non-love finding things.   
What is an efficient way love can still flourish in a dampened economic climate?

Dutch Oven comes into play...
Two people, place a budget for a date with someone they have already met in real-world.
Dutch oven asks for each participants location to determine a central meeting place and recommend activites nearby centrally.
Dutch oven asks how much money each participant will pool into a specific date.  The person that sets up the date emails from Dutch oven to their date.  From there the date can refuse, accept or propose changes to the date.
Dutch oven requires both participants to have an allotted amount of money and time into the date.
Dutch oven gives suggestions for the date participants this is part of the "cooking" process.  After the date, Dutch oven sends "temperature rating" to each participant, which consists of:
 Each participant rates the date and indicates whether they would like another date with a field of text allowing only 160 characters.  Both participants are advised of each other's rating of the date, these ratings are not available externally to the public.
Dutch Oven can participate with local companies and have the date paid or discounted  in advance by both participants.
Dutch oven will provide analytic reports to each individual Dutch Oven user's profile.
Dutch Oven will allow friends and Family members to pay for each others dates as gifts.

Dates have to be alternatively proposed by Dutch Oven participants.

Idea This | ComputingRetake

Public Schools| computing retake | initiative.
Friday, December 14, 2012
2:07 PM

Partner with local businesses, to acquire their no-longer in use client laptops.  Business pay a certain amount for us to take machines off their hands.  Businesses and organizations can become ComputingRetake sponsors.
Refurbish these laptops with ubuntu and Chrome webbrowser.  Deploy these to schools participating in Google apps for education.
Get requirements of school computer labs…
Visit school computer labs
Schools purchase services from ComputingRetake.  Schools pay yearly fee, includes replacing of laptop clients.
Target schools with existing Google apps integration.  Alternative for chromebooks with more processing power.
Inner city schools target market?
High Schools perhaps?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bloggin' on a whim | Midway 2013


2013 is halfway exhausted eh?  This doesn't mean you are halfway exhausted right?  Ha... halfway kicking into gear... there are bountiful works of entrepreneurs out there and I'm sure you're working your entrepreneurial mojo.  Let's get an update of the the year thus far and magical events that have taken place around the community...

Idea this | FishingPole

Another Idea to wring out...

FishingPole will be used as an “let’s do stuff service” app.  If someone has the day off and wants to go do something in the public.  Then they simply broadcast what they want to do along with selecting a nearby public venue. (160 character limit)  Then nearby “FishingPole” Participants can opt to join in.  

The broadcaster can place filters in who they want to attract.  The broadcast can be set for a future date.  The broadcast can be sent out at max 3 days in advance.

User accounts can have the ability to have live updates, if they are out.  The status message will be “gone fishin’ “  and other type of status messages will be user created.

release 99cent app that can be published as html5.  Pricing model. charge 99cents per month for all features.

Idea this | H3lp D3sk Reality Show

                                                            Just throwing an idea out there...

H3Lp D3Sk 

Reality Tv show.   

Help Desk technicians visit homes and small businesses to present solutions to personal  
home users and observe their technology dilemmas.  Present most cost effective and 
User efficient setup.   

Most animated and colorful help desk personnel teams around the country compete for 1 million dollars in venture capital to create a start-up and a working tour with Microsoft and Google.   

H3lp D3sk- saves the day from technology inefficiencies of home users and small businesses. Swings the blade of technology at problems. 

Max of four personnel on a team. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Something to ponder | Create Your Story

Today I have no name, tomorrow I have no one to blame.  My path molds to my feet out of fear in becoming an obstruction, yesterday my path simmered in conception.  

Birth, live and death, in between these words a story is created.  More permanent than the ink that lies inside the threads of a tattoo sleeve, even more permanent than the ink whose home is a Sharpie. 

So before your ink dries and you are unable to mute out the negative lullabies, create your story. Allow the masses to read, give them delightful morsels that inspire their mundane feed.