Saturday, June 29, 2013

Idea This | Barnes and Noble SlatePad

Have you heard of Barnes and Noble's tablet sales woes?  Perhaps you want to close your ears...  I will give it to you straight, 34% sales drop in tablet sales, equating into 475 million dollar loss.  That is a lot of tablets missing a home.

I would propose that Barnes and Noble specialize in the e-ink niche and remove themselves from Kindle Fire-Nook tablet Ring, which Kindle Fire continues to put a ground and pound on the Nook tablet.

Barnes and Noble should propel itself with the products we all have come to love.  Books and e-ink that looks like book ink.

Barnes and Noble release a 13inch SlatePad that is pure e-ink display with wifi.  Focus on content delivery via e-ink.

  Allow the following features:

  • e-reader
  • Note taking 
  • auto backup of handwritten notes to Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive, Evernote, or personal email account via wifi.  Preferences handled in each individuals B&N account.
  • Administrator control panel
  • Color e-ink, finally can enjoy magazines in color :)
  • B&N SlatePads can be used at construction sites.  For example when a contract is emailed to a B&N SlatePad the contract is converted via B&N's cloud service into an editable form on the B&N SlatePad.  When the contract is emailed back format options are available via the B&N SlatePad.  
  • B&N SlatePads will have Paper edit technology.  So that when a document is emailed to a B&N SlatePad and then handwritten edited, It will not look any different than an edited original copy, preservering color and all
  • Documents sent to a B&N Slatepad can be password or pin protected.  With encryption via the B&N cloud service.
  • B&N Slatepads can be used in schools with this scenario:  Every desk is outfitted with a 13inch SlatePad built into the desk.  Students log into the B&N SlatePad, then their assignments, whether it is a book or a syllabus will be available to them.  Test can be administered via the B&N SlatePad, after each student is finished with their test, they press submit and the teacher logs in to grade each test or the teacher can have the Students B&N SlatePads check against the correct answers upon submission.

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