Sunday, June 23, 2013

Idea This | Dutch Oven

Dating in a recession, dating on a budget and dating while balancing bills.
How do individuals date in a recession in the 21st century?
Times are tough, money is allotted for bills and the rest to non-love finding things.   
What is an efficient way love can still flourish in a dampened economic climate?

Dutch Oven comes into play...
Two people, place a budget for a date with someone they have already met in real-world.
Dutch oven asks for each participants location to determine a central meeting place and recommend activites nearby centrally.
Dutch oven asks how much money each participant will pool into a specific date.  The person that sets up the date emails from Dutch oven to their date.  From there the date can refuse, accept or propose changes to the date.
Dutch oven requires both participants to have an allotted amount of money and time into the date.
Dutch oven gives suggestions for the date participants this is part of the "cooking" process.  After the date, Dutch oven sends "temperature rating" to each participant, which consists of:
 Each participant rates the date and indicates whether they would like another date with a field of text allowing only 160 characters.  Both participants are advised of each other's rating of the date, these ratings are not available externally to the public.
Dutch Oven can participate with local companies and have the date paid or discounted  in advance by both participants.
Dutch oven will provide analytic reports to each individual Dutch Oven user's profile.
Dutch Oven will allow friends and Family members to pay for each others dates as gifts.

Dates have to be alternatively proposed by Dutch Oven participants.

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