Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Idea this | FishingPole

Another Idea to wring out...

FishingPole will be used as an “let’s do stuff service” app.  If someone has the day off and wants to go do something in the public.  Then they simply broadcast what they want to do along with selecting a nearby public venue. (160 character limit)  Then nearby “FishingPole” Participants can opt to join in.  

The broadcaster can place filters in who they want to attract.  The broadcast can be set for a future date.  The broadcast can be sent out at max 3 days in advance.

User accounts can have the ability to have live updates, if they are out.  The status message will be “gone fishin’ “  and other type of status messages will be user created.

release 99cent app that can be published as html5.  Pricing model. charge 99cents per month for all features.

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