Sunday, June 23, 2013

Idea This | ScoutView

Why Is the world a better place with  ScoutView?
Providing seamless career opportunities to all and making the undiscovered, discovered!
Location based Job application submission and location based scouting.
Notifies you of nearby hiring employers/ individuals
Mobile video interviews through ScoutView App
Web based management portal for HR admins and Hiring Managers
Scouting someone allows that Hiring Manager to see nearby individuals looking for a relevant match
Allow companies to place pre-screening surveys through app.  Android and IOS app
Allow email of pre-screen forms from the company
What is the coolest thing about ScoutView?
  • Real time Location based job applications and pre-screening.
What is the sexiest thing about ScoutView?
  • Real time scouting: Discover a business partner or new employee that could be in the same room or general area.
What is the most unique and compelling thing you offer over and above the competition?
  • We bring  synergy to real time domination of locating that next great potential!  With synergizing professional platforms (linkedin,) and hog tie them together with real time ScoutView!

Competitors:  JobKaster- no seamless integration with LinkedIn.
JobKaster requires you to insert your info via their resume format.
What might exceed the customer's expectations?

What is possible to do but not necessarily being done?

What has nobody attempted to do for their customer?


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