Monday, July 29, 2013

Project: Windows Tile | Xbox TV

Tegra 3 SoC encapsulated in HDMI plug.  = Tegra 3 SoC 15USD

2gb- 4gb ram

32gb- 64gb of storage

MicroSD slot up to 128GB

OS: Windows 8 RT

Include a SDK that runs on RT.

Access to all Windows 8 RT apps.

Bluetooth 4.0

Wi-Fi Direct

Dual Band 802.11n

Allows presentation and control from any Windows 8 device.  Compatible with  Bluetooth peripherals  and Xbox 360 controllers/ Xbox One controllers

Xbox Live integration

SkyDrive Integration

Price point--> 59.99USD - 89.99USD

Shape of a mini tile when the hdmi cap is in place

Could be disruptive to the desktop and streaming consumer space…

But innovatively disruptive :)

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