Saturday, July 6, 2013

Something to ponder | Unknown Heroes

I'm setting my future, putting forth the work and standing for others, as I am ready to heal from this jagged suture. 

We are all one accident away to feel through the hearts of the disabled.  Our hopes and dreams that were once in our vision become fabled. 

Perhaps this is not the path that would hinder us but propel us to unforseen heights.  You look at me and feel the confidence that is raging higher than the storm that blew away multitudes of kites. 

Who shall stand for those with no sight, those with crippled mobility and those with unsteady dexterity? 

I say YOU, for we shall all represent our brothers and sisters that were once whole and had visions of an extraordinary role! 

For you do not want to stop me, but keep me on the hot plate like a piece of meat.  Cooked to perfection, simmered with dedication and distributed with equal rations. 

I wave my flag of unknown heroes, join me and unleash the inner unknown.  These very threads that you work, could be the very threads that saves lives and gravitates the masses for what you have sewn! 

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