Monday, July 29, 2013

Surface Education | Initiative

I handed Mr. Ballmer a tissue for his weep, actually this weep was deep, indeed. I asked "What's the worry?".  He responds, "What am I to do with all this Surface inventory?"

I tell Mr. Ballmer, "Allow me to tell you of an idea, these could tell stories, put nails in the coffins of competitors, no hammering. 

You give these tools, you give kids the possibility to create dragons out of reality and excel in the world of programming!"


Surface Education! Initiative

Bringing mobile development to the Surface!

Partner with High Schools and Colleges;  Provide a version of Windows 8 RT SDK that runs on Windows 8 RT surface tablets.

Promote "Surface Education" Hackathons in various tech cities…  ie. Denver/ Boulder, Colo.  San Francisco, Calif.  New York, NY. Portland, Ore.

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