Monday, August 26, 2013

Flat Design | TunnelYou and DenverCliff

In this era of flat design.  I present TunnelYou and DenverCliff Flat.  Clean, crisp and effective. The same way you want to solve a problem and build a company around it...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mogul Music House | Incubator

Mr. Mathers

We enjoy being your fans... it feels good right?  Well we're tired of holding the vibrator. We want to get involved and see a musical/lyrical incubator.   

Wash the stains out, reinforce that blouse, discover talent and scour local communities with Mogul Music House! 

Combines Singer+Lyricist+Composer+Local Artist.   

Initially fully funded by investors, crowdfunding available for artists/groups. 

  • 10% of revenue of a project goes back to the incubator/community development.   
  • 10% goes to incubator real estate/maintenance.   
  • 25% goes back to investor(s).   
  • 55% goes to the artists/groups of each project that is released. 
  • Host Auditions, competitions, co-working music schooling. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Creative Slums | Comeback Kid

Comeback kid... Why do you have to keep coming back?  Withdraw your mentality from the secluded grid.  Go ahead and do something amazing, while you're at it, creatively flip your lid!

What do you have to keep coming back from?  Don't you have to have a story, equip passion that is fueled by positive fury?  So go out there and create results greater than the sum of 1 2 3 4.  Victories may not come easily, some may bore, others may be a strangled chore.  But carry this vision; you shall reach your destination for sure!

Don't become a byproduct of the slums, recreate yourself and shake off that label...  For your life is much more than a storied fable!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Acer Switch... Ubuntu Edge who?

Now that Acer is crying in the same boat as Steve Ballmer over Windows 8.  Perhaps they will move into a territory of convergence :).  Hey why not?  The Ubuntu Edge campaign will fail (if not already failed by the time you read this) and Canonical gave mobile device manufacturers a great idea...

Let's take two products that have shown to work in the consumer space:  Android and ChromeOS (Chromebooks).  Acer, why not make a phone with say 64GB-128GB of storage space, 4GB of ram and a Samsung Exynos Quad core SoC (system on chip).  Put that all behind a nice 4.7inch Gorilla Glass 3 screen, load it up with Android 4.3 and the latest version of Chrome OS (you will need to work closely with Google on this one).

Allow the device to dual "switch" Chrome OS and Android 4.3 seamlessly.  When the device is docked... magic, it switches into Chrome OS and supports an external monitor/keyboard/mouse connection. When away from the dock... it is Android 4.3.  Perhaps offer a more robust office suite solution and rock-solid Citrix/RDP clients bundled with the phone.  Of course all of your data would be backed up to Google Drive, heck Google, go ahead and throw in 2 years of free 100GB of storage on Drive.  As another bonus feature, when the device is docked it enables Chromecast functionality (for those group movie and music nights).

Call this device the Acer Switch!  Just imagine the possibilities... create a laptop style dock with 24 hour battery, 11.6inch display and full keyboard with webcam/microphone.  Slide the Acer Switch into the laptop dock via a side slide out tray... Voila, you have a Chromebook!  Create a desktop dock that suffices additional multimedia connections.

The Acer Switch, innovation is always on!

Price points:
  • 64GB Acer Switch: 399USD
  • 128GB Acer Switch: 499USD
  • Standard desktop dock: 49.99USD
  • Laptop Style dock: 129.99USD
Mr. Jim Wong you know where to reach me...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Creatives in a box!

Once upon a time… Creatives were thrown in a box, sprinkled with imagination and pelted with

Everyday… they collaborated and played with tools of technology, developed and created art work that rivaled digital Mahogany.

Until one day…  they shared their work with the community, invited local bee bop beats and local peeps.  Everyone marvelled at the musical treats, even more amazing were  the illustrated stories that wrote and drew while you spoke.

Because of that… those that were imaginatively chained and latched, were infused with a creative tap, one that would cause you to play patty cake in one big batch.  Even save the world with a grandeur artsy app!

Because of that…  the space was a refuge for the creatively displaced.  Wondering imagination to be housed in a creative space, that made even the sexiest of lace put on a jealous face ;)

Until finally…  talent of the dwellers grew to be fine and dandy, yeah they had their moments of tasteful larky.  November 19th, it was time for a grand ole' entrepreneur party, not even sane corporate party goers could tame.  Creative-hood was not for the faint of heart and those that said they wish, would, could and would've chopped wood.  For the artsy heroes, they evangelized and went about the community, to make people forget about vanity.  For there was more behind the substance, cultivating dreams and freeing those that were creatively reluctant!