Monday, August 19, 2013

Mogul Music House | Incubator

Mr. Mathers

We enjoy being your fans... it feels good right?  Well we're tired of holding the vibrator. We want to get involved and see a musical/lyrical incubator.   

Wash the stains out, reinforce that blouse, discover talent and scour local communities with Mogul Music House! 

Combines Singer+Lyricist+Composer+Local Artist.   

Initially fully funded by investors, crowdfunding available for artists/groups. 

  • 10% of revenue of a project goes back to the incubator/community development.   
  • 10% goes to incubator real estate/maintenance.   
  • 25% goes back to investor(s).   
  • 55% goes to the artists/groups of each project that is released. 
  • Host Auditions, competitions, co-working music schooling. 

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