Saturday, September 21, 2013

Team Olympia comes away with the top prize at Geeks and Artists Olympics 2013 | Denver Startup Week 2013

My feet trot inside a wooden laced brewery cathedral called Wynkoop Brewery.  The setting starts off somber, tables placed about and teams form.  Soon, I'm swooned by the thought of drink tickets and team competition.

I walk up to the signup table and there's one team already created.  I' m presented with a decision to join the team or form one.  I choose the latter and say, "Team Olympia"  I attempt to recruit without success.  I chose to fill my Olympic belly with this fuel instead:

Now properly fueled, mingling starts inside the Geeks and Artists Olympic hall.  Here are the games that we gloriously competed in:

  • Billiards
  • Branding
  • Beer Pong
  • Cornhole(bags)
  • Trivia

At this point "Team Olympia" roster is complete and we take a team picture ( at least with everyone we could muster at the time).

Ecstatic group of G & A Olympians right?

After our team picture was in the bag, we dvided into micro teams of two and took on the events. Throughout the competition we performed with confidence, iterated, took risks, made mistakes and some could say got "lucky" from time to time.  Perhaps we resembled a startup at this point...

However, we consistently believed in one another and never faulted on that belief.  At one point, we had to stop apologizing to each other for mistakes and just perform to resolve.  We kept with that formula and the games came down to a decision by the judges... the rest is history along with two growlers of Lager :)
Denver Startup Week 2013
Geeks & Artists Olympic 2013 Champions!

P.S.  Mile High Ale-titude should be brewed and labeled with the faces above!

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