Thursday, October 31, 2013

TunnelYou, Google and Biggest Loser create weight accountability insoles...

My latest idea to change lives...

Wa-Soles, stands for weight accountability, pronounced (way-soles).  The idea behind this is: we should be more accountable of our weight and that accountability is not to just to ourselves, but to our friends, family and this world.

This is accountability of not just avoiding obesity but to maintain a healthy weight for your build and frame.  Keep your body fine tuned to its optimal weight and produce a productive, inspirational, and happy life!

Each insole will be constructed of the following: pressure/weight sensing film that is attached to a component slim bluetooth low energy module, that fits undetectable and seamlessly into a heel shoe insert.

The pressure/weight sensing film is calibrated to record your weight when there is even pressure applied to it and for a certain idle duration  The pressure/weight sensor will be responsive to only a human heel.  Each bluetooth low energy module communicates with each other to calculate your weight between the seperate heel insoles.

This information is transmitted to your Bluetooth 4.0 smart ready smartphone and then sent on to the Wa-Soles webserver to store your information in a database.

On your Wa-Sole app you type in your height, weight and age.

The Wa-Soles webserver will communicate to your smartphone via Wa-Soles app, giving you updates about your weight and weight trends.  And what your optimal weight should be.  Fun games and competitions can be held with your Facebook friends if you connect your Facebook account to your Wa-Soles app.

Have "Shadow" competitions with real "Biggest Loser Contestants."  Wa-soles will change lives behind the TV screen!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

How WindowsBook could be the "Computer for Everyone" instead of Chromebook...

It's time to innovate and imitate... just a bit.

Dear Microsoft,

Let's address a few items that have changed with today's end user:
  • Times have changed and there is a large niche of users that don't live in a x86 environment for their daily needs, just look at the testament of ARM devices aka Ipads, Iphones, Android smartphones.
  • Today's end users have a varying learning curve with any new tech that is released and frankly version numbers are not important to them in the grand scheme of things. 
  • PCs are starting to alienate end users that use a Kindle fire or Ipad as their main personal computing device.
  • All day battery life is expected with today's on the go lifestyle.
  • We have more "casual computing" users than ever before
  • Today is not about the "personal computer" but a device with a balance of content consumption and creation, presented in a familiar computing platform.
  • Casual end user's don't want to be hassled with plugins that get in the way nor want to be victimized by lurking malware on a platform they have been using throughout their generation (Windows x86).
  • The items that are most important to students using the Windows Operating System for computing is the Office suite that is industry standard in schools and colleges, heck even in some organizations.
  • Users today are more accustomed to app installs and not full software installations that are required on x86 operating systems (times of the past for them).  Forget about .dlls and .exe.  Get the user what they want and need with a beefed up Windows app Store.
So how does Microsoft fill the gap below?:
Imitate a bit from Google:
  • Create a WindowsBook that runs Windows RT
  • Manufacture with Nokia, Acer and HP
  • Allow Windows RT to enable multiple login accounts with Skydrive Credentials
  • Create a WindowsBook at a 269USD price point, multitouch pad, 64GB of SSD storage and  3GB ram, webcam, video out.  
  • Plastic-ly rubber built hardened clamshell, 11.6 inch screen and full size keyboard
  • Include a slim-fit lithium ion battery with 24 hours of battery life on Nvidia Tegra 4.
  • Allow students with an .edu email address to have access to Office 365 University free of charge for the entire the life of the WindowsBook
  • Create a WindowsBook for Business that allow business professionals access to programs like Microsoft Visio and Project.  And full control for IT administrators with Windows Intune.
  • Allow each WindowsBook to have Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready technology so that individuals can connect their home automation devices and life fitness devices (Fitbit and jawbone UP) to their machine.  This will allow future Bluetooth 4.0 smart devices to sync with someone's WindowsBook.
  • Put the integration of the smartphone inside WindowsBook
  • Standard version of WindowsBook comes with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.  Give two years free of Skydrive 64GB and after that charge 24.99 yearly for the 64GB of SkyDrive
  • Allow WindowsPhone 8 and WindowsBook integration.  When installing an app on your Windows phone 8 you will be prompted,  "Would you also like to install this app on your WindowsBook?" And vice-versa,  apps from your Windows Phone 8 and WindowsBook share application data.
  • If you want to produce a casual computing device for the masses, do it with the end user in mind. Do not have the name Windows RT (heck get rid of RT all together) anywhere in the marketing material of WindowsBook and market WindowsBook as:
Windows, familiar as you've always known it, now with your mobile life in mind, no more viruses and always up to date with apps from the Windows store.  You are the story of computing, welcome to your WindowsBook!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

No longer say why and take your dreams off standby

Some days we ask why, other days we fly, now is not the time to hide in the shadows and cry.  When a day is rough, we sigh, perhaps the effort could have used a little more try...

This is not a story to get you revved up about what you should, could and only if you had enough gumption, would.

Self aware, is the insignia that must lay upon the armor you wear.
Draw some fanfare and come out of hiding from that damp cold dingy lair!

Do it, strive for the next level.  Take a can, throw in your cry, sigh and why.
Perform a heroic rescue and free your dreams from the position of standby!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Senses Beyond Senses

Senses Beyond Senses

We have the power to touch beyond the embrace,
invoke inspiration and motivation into that weary face.

You feel the heart of those whose strive for a stronger beat?
That very sense lives inside that child sitting in that classroom seat.

The external scream need not fall on audible senses, but reach the work of your hands,
some days it feels as if you are wandering in deserts full of wet sand.

You need to cause a stir, a ruckus that would rival a chorus, no band,
Where is your sense of confidence, reinvent yourself, become a self-made fan!

Sight without vision slowly erodes into blight, 
how about create inspiration that arises aloft, creating tears of joy that need no wipe.
Yeah we are here with you holding the string while you dream beyond the kite.

Go evangelize the senses beyond the senses, leave something behind for those not yet conceived through the portal of crimson.