Thursday, October 3, 2013

Senses Beyond Senses

Senses Beyond Senses

We have the power to touch beyond the embrace,
invoke inspiration and motivation into that weary face.

You feel the heart of those whose strive for a stronger beat?
That very sense lives inside that child sitting in that classroom seat.

The external scream need not fall on audible senses, but reach the work of your hands,
some days it feels as if you are wandering in deserts full of wet sand.

You need to cause a stir, a ruckus that would rival a chorus, no band,
Where is your sense of confidence, reinvent yourself, become a self-made fan!

Sight without vision slowly erodes into blight, 
how about create inspiration that arises aloft, creating tears of joy that need no wipe.
Yeah we are here with you holding the string while you dream beyond the kite.

Go evangelize the senses beyond the senses, leave something behind for those not yet conceived through the portal of crimson.

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