Thursday, October 31, 2013

TunnelYou, Google and Biggest Loser create weight accountability insoles...

My latest idea to change lives...

Wa-Soles, stands for weight accountability, pronounced (way-soles).  The idea behind this is: we should be more accountable of our weight and that accountability is not to just to ourselves, but to our friends, family and this world.

This is accountability of not just avoiding obesity but to maintain a healthy weight for your build and frame.  Keep your body fine tuned to its optimal weight and produce a productive, inspirational, and happy life!

Each insole will be constructed of the following: pressure/weight sensing film that is attached to a component slim bluetooth low energy module, that fits undetectable and seamlessly into a heel shoe insert.

The pressure/weight sensing film is calibrated to record your weight when there is even pressure applied to it and for a certain idle duration  The pressure/weight sensor will be responsive to only a human heel.  Each bluetooth low energy module communicates with each other to calculate your weight between the seperate heel insoles.

This information is transmitted to your Bluetooth 4.0 smart ready smartphone and then sent on to the Wa-Soles webserver to store your information in a database.

On your Wa-Sole app you type in your height, weight and age.

The Wa-Soles webserver will communicate to your smartphone via Wa-Soles app, giving you updates about your weight and weight trends.  And what your optimal weight should be.  Fun games and competitions can be held with your Facebook friends if you connect your Facebook account to your Wa-Soles app.

Have "Shadow" competitions with real "Biggest Loser Contestants."  Wa-soles will change lives behind the TV screen!

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