Sunday, January 19, 2014

Find your lost mirror and speak to your reflection!

Are you brave enough to come out of the mold?
Is your story still a story, even when untold?

What shall we unfold?
You've jailed your passion long enough...
Keeping that ambition paroled?

Well that's not good enough, we don't want your half-ass attempts retold.

Feed people your vision and serve it whole.
For if you don't give it your all,
You might as well construct soup bowls and vases full of holes!

So the next time you speak to your reflection, 
stop treating your dreams like a bickering election.
Pursue, strive and step with unwavering traction!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Battery Buckle Invention

Recharge your phone and fashion on the go!

The Problem:

The lack of a readily available and convenient power source for mobile phones while on the go. Frustration and depleted mobile phone batteries amount when you fail to score a power outlet while travelling through airports or exploring the town with your friends. 

Currently, there are portable battery chargers and cases, sometimes we forget those bulky portable chargers and have to bear the extra girth of phone charger cases. Most times they're not practical to carry in skinny jean pockets or are difficult to find in a bottomless purse. Additionally, most portable battery charges require you to carry a separate cable to charge your mobile phone and lack placement versatility.

The Solution:


Battery Buckle is readily available and attaches fashionably to your purse strap or pant's belt with a screw lock clamp. Simply use the built-in retractable micro-usb cable to recharge your phone. Smirk at your friends when they pull out their bulky power block and set it on the dinner table. When others seek out power outlets for their dying mobile phones, you can feel confident and look fashionable with Battery Buckle on your belt or purse strap. 

What's it made of:

Battery Buckle consists of:  A minimalist etched design A thin light weight rechargeable battery.  
A side retractable usb cable for input charge. A built-in retractable micro-usb charging cord w/optional Iphone adapters (output)  
A clamp screw lock for secure attachments 
Battery Status light on the underside H2O Resist 


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Moto G | Android for everyone | A developer's dream phone

All flavors of Android

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you: Moto G.

I like to think of the Moto G as the sixth man coming off the bench and become a rising star.  Like what Jeremy Lin did as a New York Knick.