Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Introvert and Extrovert fist fight in the backyard...

Get a little cocky, pluck the chicken,

who are you, a victim stricken?

Succumbing to fear, makes you an easy pickens...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stale repetitive ways, hunger the innovator's belly!

It all starts here....

-Behold of the innovative ruckus created by these individuals, they see change and a more efficient way of doing things. 

They peer from their pupils and see problems, in turn they inspire their pupils and peers to effectively solve!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Innovate... It only takes a few cans filled with will. [Draft]

Does repetitive action bring about innovation in the most stale conditions?

This topic is about what births innovation when there are 50+ year old solutions in place and who challenges themselves to buck against the grain?  Now I am not saying 50+ years of a person's life is stale, but there are plenty of stale repetitive actions and the mindset of " that's how we've always done it."  Do you need to be someone that is just fed up with the same old process?  Do you need to be a rebel and have a natural tendency to go against the norm?

Right now entrepreneurship is highly acclaimed,  what really goes on behind the scenes and what really causes someone to change a perfectly working process that is tried and true for the past 50 years?  Are we in an age where we embrace disruption or brush it off as foolishness and resume our 50 year old routine?  We shall find out.

New discovered technologies of the 21st century are becoming proponents of innovation from those that have an imagination laced with courage.  We think, dream and inspire which translates into thinking then hacking and building.  Rapid prototyping either proves or disapprove our proof of concept from our imagination.  The aforementioned processes challenge 50+ year old processes, most individuals choose to turn a deaf ear to change.  However, I stress most, for innovation to be conceived, only a few need to follow through with vision and action.

Moreover, the few that challenge yesteryear's processes, start to breed seeds in their local communities, branching out to interconnected communities and online global communites.  From this domino effect, forums and open source collaboration are churned.  Don't forget, these movements are gnawed on and then chewed by the few that think and brave, "what if...?"

You can proceed to perform an action or process the same way for 50+ years until you tire or cease.    Free your thinking and allow your imagination to manifest itself, heck, it only takes a can filled with will...

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Life, I want to speak to you!

I'm silencing the chatter of complacency in this obstacle-laden wilderness, 

Mediocrity looms above and creates comfort like a fleece blanket. 

I continually press discomfort into my complacent wounds, only to be tried by self awareness. 

I've arrived to the point to dis(respect)-comfort and ladle valor over uncertainty. 

I challenge all who read upon these words;  

speak to life and bring about a conversation that will be known to those after your breath ceases.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Opportunites and Obstacles on the table...

-Life is like the game of pool, plenty of opportunities and obstacles on the table... 
Recover from your miscues and make your shots count!

Birth of a vision...

I dream big and small,
I dream even while eating coleslaw,

Living moments inspire like writing on the wall,
I must birth the vision before my heart stalls!