Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Waking moments...

Waking with thoughts of no purpose, 
thoughts moving as slowly as a zoo'd tortoise.

When all things go to hell, 
you'll want to hide in your shell, 
you'll reconsider when you are unable to locate that rusty forfeiting bell.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

1st, 2nd and 3rd hand smoking all lose in a race while carrying cancerous DNA batons.

From our environment around us, head to toe and the objects we carry in tow.  Little do we know, by products of cigarette smoke, do not simply float in the air passing our lungs, causing a slight choke.  The effects of cigarette waste do not simply float in the air, but ever so strongly adhering to the objects around us, creating a 3rd hand smoking plastered lair.   
From whence are the case studies? Sadly, they are from where we all start, babies.  For they crawl and gobble on surfaces galore, these surfaces should be a learning experience and not a cancer obstacle course with future trap doors. 
Tis' a shame 4,000 compounds land on surfaces in which our eyes don't easily see, it is those very compounds that mutate inspiring dreams.  Allow time to pass and those compounds to brew, the studies have been marked and 3rd hand smoking will soon be nothing new. Be careful of hand-me down purchases, they too can be laced of substances and embraced by 3rd hand smoking. 
From all the Surgeon General's speakin' we should've made better reduction of the first hand smoker cretin, for your lung seizes at the thought of a carcinogenic lesion. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Encapsulate the experience

Go fetch your oranges, we are gathering with finite time, 
         Don't sow fruitless thoughts 
Eat diligently, make use of that orange rind! 

Bottled romance in need of dire uncorking, 
a broken compass to guide individuals, no common road to be found 
the chef left the kitchen and so has the silverware, both parties start forking 

Quit holding yourself back, everyone is perplexed with you playing bungie cord  horizontally. 
          Your mistakes and failures, learn from them and we will forgive the embarrassing tally. 

Don't forget the burden and weight others may carry, become an inspiration to your faithful few. 
Before you know it, you will garner a larger crew that partakes of your inspirational weight watchers stew!