Saturday, April 5, 2014

Encapsulate the experience

Go fetch your oranges, we are gathering with finite time, 
         Don't sow fruitless thoughts 
Eat diligently, make use of that orange rind! 

Bottled romance in need of dire uncorking, 
a broken compass to guide individuals, no common road to be found 
the chef left the kitchen and so has the silverware, both parties start forking 

Quit holding yourself back, everyone is perplexed with you playing bungie cord  horizontally. 
          Your mistakes and failures, learn from them and we will forgive the embarrassing tally. 

Don't forget the burden and weight others may carry, become an inspiration to your faithful few. 
Before you know it, you will garner a larger crew that partakes of your inspirational weight watchers stew!

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