Thursday, May 29, 2014

SharedRelief: Community Relief checking in!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Child | Inspire


Touch, smile and breathe in my heart.  Abound and surround, you are the key to my Keep.
Lower the draw bridge, the love in the moat will always be at its peak!

Dear child let's not lose our embrace,
this life may feel like a race,
being chased by a snake.

I tell you, you are not the rat, flourish with endless opportunities.
Create your reality from inspirational knapsacks
and tell fear, it has to pack.

Take people's hearts and take them to a better place,
You go inspire for mankind's sake!

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Heart, before I was completely formed and before I knew who I was,
you were there from the start.

From life's first meeting,
you greeted me with an ecstatic beating.

Your valves do more than transport blood,
inspiration and motivation you move well beyond the coffee mug!


Smoother than silk,
most come filtered, some come as cloudy,
but almost always clearer than milk.

Nourishing and supportive,
life and strength it strives to give,
You can usually drink it without a bib!


Nasal flares, open air, to hold a breathe, why would you dare?

Airways and Passageways, lanes of transport widen, like construction of a highway on a summer day.

Inhale, exhale, a system to put together allowing you to continue your story tale.
Inhale, exhale, encourages you to persevere and tell the story you were meant to tell!