Sunday, June 15, 2014

Invitation to Startup Weekend Denver 6

Innovation no longer concealed in a container left to brew,
we may use buildings, but this is not prohibition,
we’re not hiding in a speakeasy, brewing barley in a barrel made from a pew

We encourage you to come out and play, passion can no longer be hidden as a silent rage.
Yes, tears, blood and sweat we shall share while we stitch the fray,
Remember, the Sun still shines even when clouds extend their unwelcomed stay…

Back in 1975 cars were parked in the street and companies were in the garage,
Fast forward to 2014, cars drive themselves, Insta-graming bowls of delicious coleslaw

Starting up from an idea has its risks and rewards, in your heart it may be lodged,
Sitting in a chamber, while supplying an innovative barrage

Need a jolt?  Perhaps run around like a four-legged Colt?
Your destination is the former Rocky Mountain Bank Note

Housed in Galvanize,
Creating innovative ruckus, even more so than fight club, no black eye

After all the hard work, rowdy nerf play and fits of code cry
Everyone winds down, eating a slice of pie
baked from an oven, temperature regulated with a Raspberry Pi.

Creative Jobs and interactive Gates
You are to hunt down your gumption with no escape

Remove intentions scribbled on a rebate,
Actions are cashiers, intentions are bouncing, refusing to thaw on that hard frozen lake.

Solve a problem, add value, your solution must relate.
Dare not faint, put your sweet tooth in a retainer, no one said this would be a piece of cake

Meet the Denver Startup Weekend Team,
Locomotive piped with supportive steam,

Sponsor beams supporting overhead and securing loose seams,
For without them, we’d all be mimes, with no walls to lean.
We invite you, while you’re at it create a meme, the community awaits your validated dream!

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