Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bloggin' on a Whim | Microsoft Surface

Surface Pro 3, what do you think of it?  Innovative design?  Stroke of inspiration missing its flame?

I think the marketing of the Surface Pro 3 is a bit sideways and takes on many perspectives like the letter S at the top of this post....

Recently, I've become enthusiastic about the Surface Pro 3.  So much so, I reward my enthusiasm for it. And this is how, there is a Best Buy one mile from my home, so to give my every other day run an incentive.  I run to the Best Buy store in the evening, play with various technology.  Mainly with the Surface Pro 3 and then run back home to complete my two miles :-)

When I stand in the front of the Surface Pro 3, the first thing I want to do is doodle, grab that pen and open up OneNote or Paint.  Secondly, I  give the hinge a nice stretch, the Surface Pro 3 kick stand hinge stretches into positions that raises the brow of a yoga instructor.  A proud yoga instructor, as they've seen the original Surface and Surface 2 attempt to stretch and were not impressed.

Now after being awed by the design.  And NOT delving into the Windows 8.1 tile and desktop mode interface, that is another war that needs streamlining.  I do commend Microsoft for being flexible and thinking outside of the box.  But their marketing is what I have beef with.  (No pun intended, more on that later).

Ok, Microsoft is marketing the Surface Pro 3 as a laptop replacement but sells the Surface Type keyboard as a separate accessory.  I will speak my mind and say, I feel like I am being nickle'd and dime'd at this point.  I am investing $800-$1,950 depending on the model and I do stress the word "investing."  Surely, Microsoft can throw in a $130 keyboard in the grand scheme of things. I expect the Surface Pro 3 to be a tool of inspiration that does not get in the way of my creative workings as a beginner web developer and designer.

Alright, I got the nickle and dime'ing rant out of my system.  Let's get to the meat of things.
How would you feel if I attempted to sell you a hot dog but told you the bun was an additional cost? You would tell me, "the core product you are selling is a wiener (not to be confused with the politician that went awry)."  How about I sell you a corn dog but tell you the breading and stick come at an additional cost and are separate?  You would think you were back in the '90's on Candid Camera (who does that in the 21st century right)?  Wait, I got a better deal, I tell you, "This wiener I am selling you is the tastiest, most scrumptious wiener you will ever sink your teeth into, it even has taste bud marriage counselors built in.  Another thing, it can replace your average hot dog, if you add a bun..."  


Microsoft, give us a break and start bundling in the type keyboard with the Surface Pro 3.  At least then, there will be a bit more validity to your marketing strategy.  

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