Monday, September 29, 2014



Thoughts running around a rink,
out of place, like a neck laced with mink.

Disruptive kitchen with an overflowing sink,
the flow is out of sync.



Saturday, September 27, 2014

Serenity of Amazon

What is serene?

Is it a ravine full of Amazon women that need to be cleaned?

Is it Jeff Bezos’ futuristic drones, making deliveries, all from the power of electric-steam?

Is it two people huddled in a two door, clothes discarded, windows tinted to conceal the obscene scene?

Is it water droplets cascading down a woman’s body, chubby or lean?

Perhaps it’s deforestation, ingredients extracted, all to make wooden beams and enlarged pocket seams?


Friday, September 26, 2014

Wake before your Wake

Inhale, exhale, aspire, inspire before we expire.
Reinforce your wire, leave behind inspiration for generations to admire,
better yet, set them with a belly full of fire.

Resting place, estate and date all share a motionless state.
While you make, keep in line what’s at stake, it’s not the end but the future bake.  

Mourn or celebrate?

A Piercing stake,
a missing tree once near the lake,
now you lie in a pine infused cake.


Thursday, September 25, 2014



I lie here in motion, how is that possible, I must be lying.

I’m no longer bound by the rules of motion.
The stagnant lotion no longer soothes, a formula is missing from the  potion.

Action moves itself,
if you believe that, you believe in a self cooking patty melt.

At what rate will you continue to debate, do you not fully understand what’s at stake?
Procrastinate enough and you’ll don the appearance of an Autumn lawn missing its rake.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Southern Beat

Battered in Ignorance

They were too ignorant to teach
so they reverted to beat.

Back in the day,
they didn't know of a better way.  

A kid and a mule, shared the same blow,  
don’t spare the rod?
they had a field day by whipping to and fro.

Attempted to guide in a noble direction,
kids now resent and despise the recollection.


Definition of a Date


To place time on such a place,
to grace others with our space.

A countdown of a man made fate,
perhaps a roundabout of frustration’s lake.

A display of sweet conventions,
a shape, a behind, round with fruitful aspirations.

Each ripple to express, every dimple to collect,
an exposed nipple, time freezes and we digress.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

A walk for a walk...

How my evening walk took me out for a walk.

My feet saw no finish line, vocal cords spoke not a rhyme.  Lighting struck from above, rain made dirt into mud, opportunity sung to fear; 30 : love.  Courageous rivers raged through my veins, reminding me not to inhale fear, vain nor wane.  The uncertainty of the composing role, left soon after I took my vision out for a stroll.  My ears listened to my heart which directed the cadence of each foot step, with each foot step came an iterative cycle of persistence.  Oh how I long for my next walk...  

P.s.  Just in case you were wondering about the health benefits of a walk;  listen to the docs at WalkWithADoc

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What's the "matter" with your food?

Here's a project I did for my Creative Problem Solving Class: I am promoting food choice awareness and invoking this thought. If food matter or ingredients were physically presented with each meal, would you make wiser decisions?

On a cool summer night in Denver,Colorado, I strolled into a local Hamburger joint to start the project. I told employees the project was for my Creative Problem Solving class. Surprisingly, I received enthusiastic feedback from them all, they even took my photo!  One of the women said it looked like artwork and asked what design school I attended, I said Coursera ;).  The other woman related the concept to humane treatment of animals and ingredients.  And bringing to light, odd substances someone may unknowingly place in their body-- pink slime anyone?  She also agreed this could help with over indulgence and obesity in America.

From left to right:
  • Wheat grain, flour and yeast representing the hamburger bun.
  • Grass representing a grass fed cow.
  • Half cut potato representing french fries cooked in sea salt and oil.

For slapstick and chuckles

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Grass Blades Sway

Not to be mistaken for rigid sharp,
rather, comforting as a strung harp.

Morning dew resides here,
Sunlight leers, year after year.

Kids' feet step here, 
as they play in cheer.

They sway in play,
eager to tackle future days.

Water them, inspire them and they shall create a higher tier.
Look at them grow, soon they'll speak of inspirational tales of yesteryear.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Take your shot, fear is afraid!

A cool summer breeze occupied the night, a college dive bar resided inside a warm hole on the wall. Patrons sat on both ends of the thermostat.
The plot laid upon worn felt, 
a billiard's tabletop
if only conditioner could smooth the rough animal pelt.

Mistake already made, it was the skeptical beard from the man of many years,
eyelids felt the sneer, rub it in, offer two more beers.

One ball is the ball you must drop,
one misstep, slice the Eight, time to go home, it's only 9'o clock.

Eight ball hugs the side pocket, with not much left.
Opponents snicker, 
your confidence, they have not met.

You tell them One ball in the corner pocket, disbelief occupies their inhale and exhale.  
You sink the One without touching the Eight.  You're setup for success, you sink the eight.
Afterwards, you give a smirk and tell them to breathe ;-)

Strengthen your passion and drive stronger than the surrounding risk of failure.  

Take your shot, fear is afraid!