Monday, September 1, 2014

Take your shot, fear is afraid!

A cool summer breeze occupied the night, a college dive bar resided inside a warm hole on the wall. Patrons sat on both ends of the thermostat.
The plot laid upon worn felt, 
a billiard's tabletop
if only conditioner could smooth the rough animal pelt.

Mistake already made, it was the skeptical beard from the man of many years,
eyelids felt the sneer, rub it in, offer two more beers.

One ball is the ball you must drop,
one misstep, slice the Eight, time to go home, it's only 9'o clock.

Eight ball hugs the side pocket, with not much left.
Opponents snicker, 
your confidence, they have not met.

You tell them One ball in the corner pocket, disbelief occupies their inhale and exhale.  
You sink the One without touching the Eight.  You're setup for success, you sink the eight.
Afterwards, you give a smirk and tell them to breathe ;-)

Strengthen your passion and drive stronger than the surrounding risk of failure.  

Take your shot, fear is afraid!

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