Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What's the "matter" with your food?

Here's a project I did for my Creative Problem Solving Class: I am promoting food choice awareness and invoking this thought. If food matter or ingredients were physically presented with each meal, would you make wiser decisions?

On a cool summer night in Denver,Colorado, I strolled into a local Hamburger joint to start the project. I told employees the project was for my Creative Problem Solving class. Surprisingly, I received enthusiastic feedback from them all, they even took my photo!  One of the women said it looked like artwork and asked what design school I attended, I said Coursera ;).  The other woman related the concept to humane treatment of animals and ingredients.  And bringing to light, odd substances someone may unknowingly place in their body-- pink slime anyone?  She also agreed this could help with over indulgence and obesity in America.

From left to right:
  • Wheat grain, flour and yeast representing the hamburger bun.
  • Grass representing a grass fed cow.
  • Half cut potato representing french fries cooked in sea salt and oil.

For slapstick and chuckles

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