Tuesday, October 28, 2014



Originating from inside your head,
laying on an ever changing bed.

teased by worldly actions,
and influenced by vibrant reactions.

hastily or diligently released words,
determine the direction the interactive soup is stirred.

pulling words on a leash.
simmering a masterpiece, before its release.

Of the same Monster; Thoughts, actions, and words.
ascend, and make like a bird!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Staggered Dreams

Staggered Dreams

lean, reach, bumble and stumble.
Stay happy, honest, hungry, and humble.

become dream-time ready, those dreams one day, may call your time.
No one exalts you for acting out items disappearing in a blink of an eye.  Unless of course, you’re a magician or a mime.

This is no shock, nor a misarrangement,
daily encouragement, paying it forward,
call it; inspirational recurring payments!

Arrange, dare not estrange, devote each day
and soon, you’ll rollout dreams in a staggered way.
But first, you must inspire the builders to build the stage


Thursday, October 23, 2014



ONe way, two way, three way, four way.
destinations to be had in some way,
travel roads leading to doorways.

Travel insane lanes, call it testing traffic,
in case of a breakdown, muster your confidence and bring a ratchet.

Computers process in lanes of four or more,
if it’s outdated technology,
expect a one way and no more.

A couple foreplays
on a computer processing four ways, reinventing the dialogue, there are now four plays.  
For we all know;
lasting relationships never return from a one way.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014



clearly mistaken, it’s nearly dark.
barking up the wrong tree,
There’s nothing to grab, not even scaly bark.

Skipping rope on the playground in teams of three,
more meaningful than
a sweet tooth skipping meals for jelly beans.

Clean with diligence, clean with a noble mop.
When times get tough, do not wallow,
muddy footsteps reveal an oinking pork chop.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Blink of an Eye

Functions at first of the day,
enhancing possibilities in a new way.

A moisture mechanism resurrecting a drying vision,
a blocking mechanism thwarting distractions during a windy mission.

Change the world in a blink and strut in a bit of pink.
Soon, unknown establishments will link.

Give the world inspiration, it just can’t get enough.
Get in gear and out of the rut,
for what good is a mummified king Tut?


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Written words are fiery,
so where are the scorched pages in this damn diary?

Pushed from the friary, outside of four walls, I wanted to inspire.
that makes me an exiled friar,
and you, a return buyer.

Ambition requests I continue feeding this organic cog,
HTTP requests refresh this dynamic blog!


Saturday, October 18, 2014



Encourage with a bit of discern,
allow frolicking children make friends with wild ferns.

A gateway to unlimited possibilities,
a runaway for children’s creativity.

Teach, inspire, and children learn,
They’ll create ways in the world, unable to unlearn.

Never underestimate the child who’s meeker than an unused beaker.
They’re the ones who’ll come running and proclaim,
”Teacher teacher,
I’m changing the world with my organic sneakers!”




A blockade,
a sweaty lineman drinking icy

Fear’s lullaby, rocking with a fearful sway.
stuck in neutral, and content to stay.

A throne upon the block,
servants serving karate chops.

when removed; Innovation couldn’t be merrier,
create dreams without seams, and ascend like a helicarrier!


Thursday, October 16, 2014



Blink, blink, blink,
Keyboard and mind, briefly pause, establishing a mental link.

An entry to computational seams,
humans wait, and construct validated dreams.

A marker on a twelve inch ruler,
missing its mark, no one in the room is named Buehler.

Moved by a mouse,
in the hand of a human wearing a blouse,
guiding a post on the wall, Facebook, no house.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014



A bead of sweat,
where inspiration, dedication, and perspiration met.

Fish diligently with every step,
fear and obscurity are standing by with an emptied net.

Give what cannot be held,
invoke gears of courage
and ring an inspirational bell.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Winter Hero

Winter Hero

temperatures drop,
more like, an ice cold bucket of water, and here comes the mop

Streets paved in winter snow,
rabid children of a rapid summer, come to a slow.

warmth takes a vacation,
pigs are fired,
Families cheer at the sight of bacon.

calories no longer count,
they no longer equal and forget the amount.

Spring to the rescue winter hero,
save us from the five minute made gyro!


Monday, October 13, 2014

Ten Minutes

Ten minutes

Ten minutes counter Slowing revolutions.
Ten minutes discover missing resolutions.

Time we do not own,
deep thoughts, no longer fluid, turn into stone,
ten minutes easily consumed by a mobile phone.

You say you don’t have time to write?
You’re looking through a social glass screen,
clarity distracted and no longer in sight.

Time’s up, find your tenant, close the door and rent it!
You had an interest to write, instead you went to a URL and pinned it!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Writer's Block

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block, I think not.
My back pocket is graced by children’s dreams and thoughts.
Did I forget to mention?  They also slipped me some colorful chalk.
Every time I hit a block, I keep going and call it a walk.
I’m creating written dreams; no sidewalk ;)

Nah, my rooster stopped waking me many years ago.
The barn is overflowing with confidence, no room to show.

The Iliad Press mentioned my poetry 15 years ago.
I never saw the movie, but now I’m ready to hustle and flow.

I named my laptop “WritersPad”, for it knows, I’m a writing lad.
My writing is here to stay and more obedient than a fetching fad!


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Computer Stem

Computer Stem

I’ve reimagined twice in four years,
Now I grow monthly beards, and solve people with computers,
but I still hear their computer sneers.

I wear out keyboards,
I’m antsy in all my chairs I steer,
consuming lines of code and sipping javascript beer,
silence abounds and no one cheers...


Friday, October 10, 2014

Reasons I can't be with you

Reasons I can’t Be with You

Your eyes are too damn blue…
They make me sad when I take glances
of you

Hair so gorgeously brown,
no longer laying next to my head,
instead, my bed lays a frown

Hair of fiery red,
absent are your sirens,
I miss us setting fire to my bed

Locks of blonde,
an apple bottom
concealing a peachy pond

Eyes of ocean green,
breasts shaped of tear drops,
from which I struggle to wean.

The real reason I can’t be with you -- There’s more than one of you…


Thursday, October 9, 2014


Get in, get out, find your market, and broadcast your innovative shout!
We eagerly await your ideas and action, what intrigue it may bring about?
It’s not about reaching for pipe dreams nor pushing for legendary clout.
It’s about producing value to mankind and showing the world what may come about.
As we all age, we encounter those that mend the worldly fray.  You can become a visionary sage and add to the seasoned stage.
Sometimes all it takes is a little innovative nudge to sway.
Here at Startup Weekend, we simply challenge you to turn the page!

Abducted Tabletop

write atop a toilet Top,
push the plunger and distractions drop.

Stagnant thoughts, like water buckets sitting near a mop
that’s really used for a prop.

Construct a jubilant backdrop,
give our smiles a reason to bunny hop.

Abducted tabletop, a challenge it presents, but we sincerely want to know, is that all you got?