Sunday, December 14, 2014

Children's Inspirational Community

Children’s Inspirational Community

With a 100 dollar visa card,
I’d compose inspirational cards
to kids in Children’s hospital, their smiles- I’d be sure to guard,
and rhyme like a modern-day Bard.

Along with their story, I’ll illustrate a picture, in all its glory.

I’ll print it all out on a card, I want them to remember - their fear is charred!

I’ll capture their dreams as an inspirational scribe,
before you know it, we’ll intensify and make air waves vibe.

All I need to know is their name, concerns, and likes.
I’ll rhyme a story even a toothless fish can bite!

I’ll let them know, in a bed, we all rest,
but by their bed, I’m writing for the best!

I’ll tell them, “we’re in this journey together and the whole world I told,
I didn’t think you’d mind, your courageous.  And your fear - I sold!”

They’re resting their strength for the next quest,
until then, I’ll let them know, I’m fighting for them - even when my pencil is at rest!


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