Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Living Poet

Living Poet

Life tempts me with wit,
I’d say just a little bit,
you could even say, just a little whit.

Rapid fire, my mind feasts on literacy wire,
I’ve traveled through the dictionary
and now my tires tire.

Next logical step is to inspire.
Life challenges sure do seem dire,
Nah, I have to remember - keep stepping and doubt is a liar.

Inside my head lie voices, inspiring a great pep talk,
they tell me I cannot lie, for I must continue to walk.

Voices in my head keep me stoic, others tell me not to blow it.

I refute,
to go with my rhymes,
I bought a flute,

so why the hell would I not blow it?
I know - no one listens to a living Poet!


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