Thursday, December 31, 2015

Firewood Would

Flame’s passion would burn this wood if it got a hold, not timidly, but bold.
Flame needs one taste to get on a roll.  While you give many licks to that buttery roll.

A buttery roll makes a smile profound, then turns into a frown, when looking down, looking at body round.  Never saw the weight coming, pity-train, never made a sound.

Instead of taking many licks of a buttery roll,
take the many licks of life, and get on a roll.

Here comes a thought of motivation.  You thinking of your fuel, to become an inspiration.  Your action latent, but we’re at the final stages,
you have little time to become an inspiration.  You’ve got to write all over fear’s pages.
A day at a time, don’t try to guess the age of time, you’re not working at a carnival, you’re not guessing ages.

Determine what you need to do.  
Because, like these trees,
after you’re chopped, you get no redo.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Running Luggage

Rushed wit,
runs real quick,
pants on fire
rub two sticks

Heard alarm bell late,
gazelle running to gate
with a healthy gate.
Chess inside baggage? Check, mate!

Stride wide, 20mins ago,
eyes should’ve been open wide.

Left last night’s girl in bed
and reached for a polo.
They both knew there would be no ties…


Monday, December 28, 2015

Camp Fire

Over a bonfire,
kids wired,
rubbing her eyes,
mom’s tired.

Burning high,
a dark sky.

Flames on,
One flame,
Flame one,
hot dame.
Told me not to play with her,
she’s not a game.

She wanted the joy to stick,
so she placed Viagra patches
all over my joystick.

Talk about flare,
a bit of fan fare,
not even a pin could tame her hair.

On flames more than a few,
mystery red hot - bring in Nancy Drew.

Roaring flames, soaring cranes,
on a beach run red -hair dames.
not one of them are the same,

Hues glowing red,
bed’s hot, stamping red,
so many said,
"Burn us and
We'll come find you in your bed!"


Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Secret Life of Ms. Two Shoes

The secret life of Ms. Two Shoes:

Dances in two shoes
glances with blue hues,
advances from shoo’d woos.
She’s smart, she watched Blue’s Clues.

Prada shoes, gotta do what’s new.
Innovate a devil in blue, laid off, becoming something new.

High heels making sly reels. Once alone,
With Rocky’s tone, she won an Oscar with Stallone.

Back in her day, X didn’t stand for Xylophone.
She took X and got off on beats with a vibraphone.

Dates consisted of putting on Maybelline,
fisting with vaseline, ran out of gasoline,
waiting for the climax that would jump off like a trampoline.
One day she let out a valiant scream, it was the first day in ages
she heard a truck signaling for ice cream.

She met a dude, he did all the talking - he let her chew.
How rude!  Didn’t let her speak, she had no break from salad dressing Greek.
He was not meek.  Spoke about accomplished feats, climbed rhombus peaks.  
But when it came time for Ms. Two Shoes to peek, he couldn’t get to a peak.
Nothing came to mind with nothing to climb… so she was unable to peak.

The Journey Continues...

The struggle continues in many avenues.
Women, guide men to a better clue.
Men, research the intimate places of your boo,
prevent the drama and decline the show - Donahue.

Stop treating her like a Saint, Day of Latter,
her face may say saint, but she’s thinking about climbing your ladder.  
Make love to her when it matters,
alternate fast and slow, aroused - now you’re an up and coming rapper.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Whack a Mole

Whack -a- Mole, over holes a tractor rolls.
disturbing a habitat not for humanity but for moles.

When crops grow, farmers dance in the dirt a bit crazy,
Don’t mistaken it for dirty dancing - there’s no Patrick Swayze.

Farmers break for rest - obeying knees,
then they’re right back at it - spraying weeds.

Inside Ma and Pa boxing words - who gets to ride the steed,
a last name they’re ready to fight for - Creed.

Dust settles over the deed, they must settle the deed,
so they invite the banker over to do the deed.
Talk about two Ma’s and a He - they did it over an episode of Glee.

Exit through the picket fence, make sure your worth is more, make sense?
Sell properties to make your pence more dense.
Don’t worry about bluffing, because when you’re dead, you don’t even flinch.

Leave a bit for your heirs,
not too much, they still need to work for theirs.
Disperse what you think is fair, someone will always be jealous with nasal flair…


Friday, December 25, 2015

Peeking Through Bleachers

Peeking through bleachers
Spotted a Nike sign;
they’re best known for making sneakers.

Up stairs with your feet
down below to watch a futbol feat.
your body prefers you get off your ass and move your feet.

Game starts with empty seats,
makes no sense like Meek Mill’s speech.
Hustled them mics in Philly streets,
no longer brave, Anacondas make him weep.

I got off track,
like yoga class at a football field’s track.

Stretching and reaching for a fine apple.
Jealousy of Johnny Appleseed,
you’re spreading seeds while performing yoga deeds.

Yoga pants, make men dance, placed in a trance
no long breathes, belt on, yet still pants.

Unfulfilled with yoga pants unfilled, avoided the clothing rack to cop a feel.
Shit gets real, watching yoga class from his window sill.
starting to sound like a creeper’s zeal.

Ok back on topic, I got my mind out of the gutter, and washed it.

I’m catching all my mistakes like Derek Jeter.
Listen to life as your teacher, you’ll never get anywhere hiding behind those bleachers…


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Focused Rooftop

Focused Rooftop,
where socks dry and shoes are stocked.
Screaming to the top  - audible sensation.
No Jay Z around, but singing Roc Nation.

Mavens all around,
knowing Yung Joc’s anthem,
these rooftops soar high above the ground,
but today, it’s goin’ down!

Plenty of sunlight, seize the day,
but I’m not sure I spot one solar panel laid.

Oooh! I spot a babe sunbathing
with a body that’s breathtaking!

I’m writing these sexy fan lines,
while competing with her tan lines.

Down below go dropped dimes,
you called her a dime  because in bed
she was in every crease of those sheets,
late for work and she still didn’t stop-it
until the day she looked for change - no longer lining your pocket…


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bare feet Rocked

Barefeet rocked,
what a rebel, left the house without shoes and socks.

Still thinking civil thoughts,
but today goes an adventurous trot.

Navigating sharp points and jagged edges,
like a wise elder with cracked lips  and confesses.

Born in the late 90’s, so don’t know who Judge Dredd-is.

Young toes, near a body of water, where river flows.
Pretty calf, not eating beef, so no Sloppy Joes.

A vegan, soy speakin’ edamame,
so fine, can you put-it-on-me.
Like a farmer does to the ground - far-mang.


On the Edge

On the edge,
dressed a bit better from rolling out of the bed.

On the edge, pondering a ledge,
bedrocked, but nowhere in sight is Barney or Fred.

Thoughts looking for clues,
“How them clouds get those colorful hues”

Hikin’ with a backpack, while relaxed.
It’s a bit chilly out here, hands going inside the slacks.

Dreams at stake, a beanie as a modern day cape.
Heck if a park can be turned into a lake,
then I can take a risk on my faith and have my dreams
write an IOU so my actions persevere to be one of the few…


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Feet Stoned

Feet stoned,
shoe size no longer increasing, feet grown.
Sought out adventure, so they went out on their own.
But not before selecting shoes of a yellow tone.

Wearing skinny jeans,
moving with ambition - no skinny dreams.
No matter the attire - courage isn’t themed.
The greatest courage comes from places not seen.

Walking among heavy rocks with heavy thoughts.
Letting go, and like these rocks,
thinking with grounded thoughts.

Laces hugging shoes
adventure shared,
Yelp - rate-this, tugging at you.

Embrace the lace,
incognito - no where in this picture, pictures a face,
no turning back, and no about face.


Monday, December 21, 2015

Writing Utensil

Don’t fret-this,
the morning paper comes with breakfast.
You the writer, paper the fighter,
words you write, make loose-leaf tighter.

No writer’s block, just ink blots, and paper thoughts with trees chopped.
Write to say you were there, create a story out of thin air.

Writing utensil - words regurgitated with a pencil.
Lines thin or thick, hurry be swift.
Leave a blank page and you’ll get Taylor singin' about your frozen BIC.

Write your wit in an environment lit,
no hoping for people to get what you meant.
Writing in past, present, and future tense.
Soon they’ll call your writing sick and mean,
like having a conversation with Charlie Sheen…


Friday, December 18, 2015

Praying Eyelashes

Eyelashes pray,
on the edge of fingers, lips lay.

She’s dressed in a net,
but she’s the one catching prey.

Blonde locks cover thoughts under hat,
bleached highlights - like the time she got it on at  the laundry mat.

A mood ring,
don’t turn her on
and she’ll keep it a muted scene.

Chin forward and fingers crossed.
Praying for a diamond ring em--bossed.
She’ll become Mrs. Boss with no flaws,
running her mouth at the beach - and you running away from the new JAWS.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hold her by the Waist

Hold her around the waist,
your lips become a hungry chef,
coming back for endless tastes.

Eyes closed , but passion’s awake,
make a fool of yourself, bling line - Drake.

I meant Hotline Bling,
called late night, when staying awake was a fight,
during the day ended up with the woman of your dreams!

Holding onto you like a line of hope.
Boldly supporting her
after a glass of wine and standing on a slope.

Kissing you and didn’t make you shave,
at next guys’ night out she becomes all the rave.
Told your buddies, “All my razors, I’ve placed in the grave!”
And that stubbly chin of yours yells,” Hip-Hip- Hooray,
For life, she’s our bae


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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Blowing Stars

Blowing stars,
both near and afar.

Hands to launch stardom,
bands too raunch, backstage goes star-fun.

Twinkle twinkle little star, flew fast and flew far.

Rosy cheeks no need to speak,
these stars are fading like your makeup in a week.

Spreading stars in the universe,
Oktoberfest bars driving a Munich-Hearse,
I mean what could be worse?

Skirting a halfmoon while floating to the stars with chest balloons,
and drinking beer with festive goons?