Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Salted Sails

Wind sail - ships sail around sea snails.

A salted trail, cargo sagging, escargo dragging, 
and a mouth full of salted sea snail.

On a salted beach with a castle building pail,
sea breeze stamps licking the mail.

Here comes a thoughtful tale:

Scoop many times over many months.
Scoop fewer times than once,
then you’re no smarter than a mini dunce.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spoon Set

Ladle, cradle, spooning a brothy fable.
Here on the table, lies a cocky broth, cooked from the stable.

Little dipper, big dipper, the rounder the spoon, the closer you fit-her.
Working to be fitter - working merry-go-rounds with the babysitter.

Scooping ice cream stoops with shovels - call them bigger spoons.
Swiping microphones, swiftly, on stage - call them microphone goons.
Swooping magazine shoots with Kim - call them bigger moons.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Life is short... So we aim higher!

Life is short... So we aim higher!

Spaghetti Fork

Mini pitchfork, saucy seas covering pasta and pork.
A comb to part pasta seas, similar to Moses’ work.

Tool to stroke divinity.
Mobs combing angel’s hair,
globs of sauce navigating dentistry,
preaching al dente in their pasta ministry,
while driving their meals on wheels in an Infinity!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life's a bounce - Take your shot

No matter the height of your goal -
poles hold it up - poles take an unbiased role,
aim passionately, eagerly dress fashionably.
At the end of your role, everyone will look up and say,
“You gave everything, even your soul!”

Fear comes around when it’s your shot,
keep focus of your goals - they’re on top - so take your shot.

Life’s rugged, bare, and sometimes paved,
life doesn’t  always pave what’s meant.
Make life your ball - when it hits the pavement -
bounce back!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Night Light

Comforting sight, emerging light, holding vision might.
Around the corner comes a surging fight, cradling courage tight.

Titantic's moonlight - Celine tells of Starboard lovers as she sings, 
while everyone else sinks and swings.
A blank space illuminated by moonlight - Taylor speaks of Starbuck’s lovers swiftly on a swift’s wings, all while she shakes it off and sings.

Night presents an opportunity for light,
opportunities to make an excuse for a night light,
a year later, we have children who were conceived at night.
Now we have Disney shows coming through TV light.



Erotic Shoes

She comes out when she puts on shoes,
not one but two.

She relaxes when she comes out of shoes,
not one but two.

She climaxes with or without shoes,
she desires not one but two…


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ice Cream Sunday

Ice cream sundae on a Sunday,
make it my way or get back on the highway.

Ice cream melody screams from the ice cream van,
enticing screams ring from an adolescent man,
crowds gather, supporting the next ice cream band.

Screams come in a variety of flavors ,
same can be said of ice cream favors.

It can be a lot or a little bit, but make sure that banana is split,
otherwise the sundae is not fit and you can split.

Snuggle ice cream in a boat,
add a scream and call it an ice cream float.

Ice cream love thwarted in a heated boat,
attempted to smuggle ice cream in a courted tote.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rumplestillskin v. Russell Wilson

I rumple steel until I’m banned,
I rumple still until I no longer can.
I rumple steel into the shape of a can.

Rumplestillskin made straw into gold with a pact of first born line,
Russell Wilson made everyone’s jaw drop on that one yard line.
Ticking time and a ball thrown on a skewed line.

Lockette was locked - knocked aside on a whim
and Malcolm in the middle was back at it again.

Brady and the bunch made a hunch,
Seahawks were hungry, so the Patriots stole their lunch.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Loaf Project | Charity Event

Kneads for needs was their battle cry.
Push, pull and roll around until clouds of flour fly.

Toughening the gluten along with the gumption -
these individuals came together like two pieces of bread - make no assumption. 

'Labor of love - elbows lock and knuckles knead, 
fulfilling hunger and giving the courage to tackle a hungry steed!’

Next time someone tells you their inner need, tell them, ‘I’ll get right on that and start to knead’

The day will come when they’ll need more than sprouting spuds,
wash in encouragement, scrub the mud and provide impactful suds.

Dare not serve someone chewed up feed,
there’s just no need, YouTube won’t even broadcast that feed.
I kneaded alongside Boys Hope Girls Hope - what a great group.
After all, when boys hope and girls hope, the entire world has hope!

A HUGE thank you to our event organizer - Elvira - she did an amazing job roping us all together!
We raised enough donations for over 500 loaves of bread - Great job to everyone in our group!
I can't praise everyone enough - super helpful, happy spirited, and got up early on a Saturday :)

Get involved with The Loaf Project here in Denver!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gritty Sandpaper

Gritty Sandpaper

Elbows greased while hard work is released,
don’t hold back,
unleash confidence choking from the leash.

Life is coarse, grinding you through a learning course.
You’ll need to traverse a different way, of course,
the road is washed and you’re riding a horse,
You’ll need to say it a different way, now that your voice is hoarse.

Polishing a better you, inspiring others, more than a few.

Smoothing the rough spots,
enabling vision, while spotting glorious thoughts!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Self Pity

Self Pity

In a city, a high rise harbors a party full of self pity.
Never discovered - talent sitting on a shelf with an odd identity -
losing the race, you feel like the new Rom Mitney.

Pity is easy, go deep enough and you’ll be in a crater, sandy and gritty.
Sulking at failed history, 
not learning from past history,
could make your efforts - forgotten history.

Pack your ditty bag,
put on your bootstraps,
and pull up the confidence that tends to sag.

The next time surrender comes looking for those to tag,
you will look it in the eyes and say, ‘That white rag -
I wiped my ass - yeah, rode that donkey to find you,
I now ride with a confident flag!’


Monday, February 2, 2015

Candle Wax

Candle wax

Wick centered in a skeleton mold,
pour melted courage,
and tell a story that’s never been told.

Let it set overnight,
ponder your choices,
determine what’s wrong and right.

Light your wick and tell us a little more about it.
Tout your story and open the vent with wit,
before you know it, your flame will be lit.