Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Loaf Project | Charity Event

Kneads for needs was their battle cry.
Push, pull and roll around until clouds of flour fly.

Toughening the gluten along with the gumption -
these individuals came together like two pieces of bread - make no assumption. 

'Labor of love - elbows lock and knuckles knead, 
fulfilling hunger and giving the courage to tackle a hungry steed!’

Next time someone tells you their inner need, tell them, ‘I’ll get right on that and start to knead’

The day will come when they’ll need more than sprouting spuds,
wash in encouragement, scrub the mud and provide impactful suds.

Dare not serve someone chewed up feed,
there’s just no need, YouTube won’t even broadcast that feed.
I kneaded alongside Boys Hope Girls Hope - what a great group.
After all, when boys hope and girls hope, the entire world has hope!

A HUGE thank you to our event organizer - Elvira - she did an amazing job roping us all together!
We raised enough donations for over 500 loaves of bread - Great job to everyone in our group!
I can't praise everyone enough - super helpful, happy spirited, and got up early on a Saturday :)

Get involved with The Loaf Project here in Denver!

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